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9 Red Light Districts That Are More Fun Than Murky

Get more on magnetism of a red light district that increase curiosity among people.

1. Kabukicho - Japan

Kabukicho is a red light district in Japan, which showcases a very strange fascination, and you will witness Japanese anime characters here at this place. This red light district caters locals, but being a tourist you might find the fascination disturbing. After the World War II this place came into existence and you will find themed clubs and people in freaky costumes. You need to check the entrance fee that you might have to pay when you leave.

2. Soi Cowboy - Thailand
Soi Cowboy_1430207298u20.jpg

Soi Cowboy is name generated from the American T.G. Cowboy but this place is in Thailand. This place came into existence in the 70s by an airman who opened bars in the area. This place is one of the most colorful areas where you can enjoy street dancing and can explore bars. This place is not a regular red light district, but you might be shocked to see sex shows.

3. Pigalle - Paris

Paris is heaven as far as love and red light districts are concerned. This picturesque city offers you more than you ever imagined. It is one of the most famous and frequented red light districts in the world. Pigalle means pig alley, this name is given by a solider in World War II. This place offers sex shows, crazy lights, and frenzied culture. If you are an adult then you can check out for the peep shows and strip clubs.

4. Patpong - Thailand

When we talk about the red light district then Thailand is the right place for this kind of fun. The one of the very famous red light area is Patpong that in Bangkok. This place is exclusively for tourist, being a tourist you can visit this place as it is safe. This place offers traditional massage parlors and some world famous stunts. You can take strange, quirky, and overpriced souvenirs home.

5. Antwerp - Belgium

When we talk about the red light district then Amsterdam is known, place to get such enjoyment. This place is also famous for wickedness. It is a place to find plenty red light district. Antwerp is one place where prostitution is legal here. Visiting this place is safe and fun. This place offers Famous brothel, Villa Tinto, this places quipped with high tech gadgets. Here you might enjoy the animal-based sex shows.

6. Pascha - Germany
Pascha_1430208060u60.jpg Photo by: images.fotocommunity

Now here we introduce you a red light area that offers discounts for senior citizen. This place is in Germany. This area is extremely high as you will find a lot of sex workers. If you are visiting this place, then look out for Member tattoos, that is The Paschal logo tattoo, this tattoo provides access to the area for free and for life.

7. Reeperbahn - Germany

Another famous red light area Reeperbahn is in Germany and this time you need to travel to Hamburg. This world famous place is also known for bars and restaurants, theatres and clubs. You can visit this place casually and sneak inside a sex shop. You can enjoy the sex museums and striking theaters. This area is famous because of ‘The Beatles’, it is favorite strip clubs in Hamburg.

8. De Wallen - Amsterdam
De Wallen_1430207301u80.JPG

Amsterdam has gained second mention because of its De Wallen, red light district, this place is best for tourist and it will showcase lots of sex workers and shows. This place is very crowded, so be careful while you are in here.

9. Las Vegas - United States
 Las Vegas_1430207301u90.jpg

This place is known for casinos and luxury hotels. And here you can witness world’s biggest sex shows and strip clubs. Look out for the exotic dancers, and full-fledged strip shows.

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