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Duruthu Full Moon Poya 2019

Photo by: Parama Dhamma Chetiya - Pirivena

Event Name : Duruthu Full Moon Poya 2019
Venue : Sri Lanka
Start Date : Tuesday, 19-Feb-2019
End Date : Thursday, 01-Jan-1970

Its celebrates Gautama Buddha's groundbreaking first visit to Sri Lanka twenty five centuries prior and marks the nation's introduction to the lessons of Buddhism. At the point when the full moon spreads its light finished the island of Sri Lanka, business exercises stop and supporters of the Buddhist lessons take part in reflection and praiseworthy deeds.

 It is the main full moon Poya day of the year, in the long stretch of Duruthu. At the point when the full moon shows up at roughly a similar time each month, it is known as 'Poya' here in Sri Lanka, a term got from the Pali and Sanskrit word Uposatha signifying "day of fasting". It is said that antiquated Asian monkish life utilized the full moon to stamp the passing months, since there were no logbooks at the time. Stopping common interests and taking part in otherworldly exercises on this day was the training even in those old circumstances and it was received by Gautama Buddha amid his lifetime spent spreading the message of peace.

Duruthu Full Moon Poya day is an indication of that supernatural occasion numerous hundreds of years prior. On the off chance that the legend itself appears a fanciful figment, the Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara fills in as physical substantiation that it was for sure genuine. Sri Lanka Tours to such social locales would make any visit to this island more significant and it would unquestionably be an excursion back through the ages, with lessons to be gathered for a lifetime.

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