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International Trips From India That Is Cheaper Than Visiting Andaman

Travelling works as a medicine for one’s mind and soul. Be it in your own country or a place abroad, the excitement remains the same for one and all.
However, one frets with the very idea of travelling internationally due to budget constraints. Mostly, you might just drop this very idea once you start planning the budget or simply narrow your destination to the Andaman. Well, worry no more, as here is a list of 5 places you can visit without burning a hole in your pocket.


Looking for an exotic and cheap location for the honeymoon? Well, seek no further as Maldives is the perfect destination for the newlyweds. With its adventure and water sports, clean beaches and, seafood, Maldives can be enjoyed equally by solo or couples. To save that little extra money, do opt to stay with the locals and enjoy the magnificence of Maldives. A trip for a single person for 5 days would approximately be 40-45k, all inclusive. 


We all love to enjoy a serving of that Thai red and green curry once in a while. How about visiting the place where it traditionally belongs? Cheap airfares coupled with budget hotels can make Thailand your next dream vacation. From exotic beaches to having that perfect nightlife, Thailand is a popular destination for all ages. 
Including the airfare, the average cost per person for 5 days would be no more than 35-40k all inclusive.


Since ages, Nepal has been the silent neighbor to India, with fewer tourists visiting the place. May it be by road or plane, reaching to Nepal will definitely ensure savings. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Himalayas or a day out indulging yourself in adventure sports or safaris, Nepal is the best location for international budget travelling. 
Travelling cost included, a trip to Nepal for 5 days should cost you no more than 25-30k per person .


Like Nepal, often overseen by us, is our neighbors down under. If you are looking for a place with as cultural diversity as India, Sri Lanka should be next on your list. Exotic cuisines, nature trails and the magnificent scenic beauty of Sri Lanka, definitely makes it a worth place to visit. 
A trip to Sri Lanka for 5 days should cost no more than 30-35k per person. 


When it comes to travelling internationally, Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations among Indians. If you enjoy shopping and have a flair for architecture, Dubai is ‘THE’ place to visit. With its cheap travelling cost and lodgings, over the years, Dubai has become the Mecca for the average middle class Indian. 
A trip to Dubai for 5 days would cost approximately 30-35k per person.

The key to traveling internationally or even in your own country is to travel smart. Opt to stay with the locals, travel where the natives do and always pack light. It is true when they, When in ‘Rome, do as the Roman do’. 

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