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Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2018

Event Name : Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2018
Venue : Chiang Mai
Start Date : Saturday, 03-Feb-2018
End Date : Monday, 05-Feb-2018

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2018

Chiang Mai Flower Festival is a Thai festival where the abundance of flower dominates the scene with colors and fragrance.

The Northern part of Thailand is known for an abundance of flowering plants, especially temperate zone species, which burst into full bloom towards the end of the winter time. The city of Chiang Mai, also known as the Rose of the North, happens to be the second-largest in Thailand and is the host to the Chiang Mai Flower Festival.

During the festival time, the glory of the flower world comes in full swing as the sculptures of temples, animals and even scenes from the Ramayana Hindu epic are made from flowers and paraded through the streets of this beautiful northern city of Thailand.

The parades attract real crowd along with the endless floral displays, local handicrafts sales and beauty pageants. On display is the species of orchids that counts to over 3000 offering a mind blowing spectacle to the attendees. Other thing to notice is the Damask Rose, a special iety found in Chiang Mai, as well as yellow and white chrysanthemums. The whole air is filled with the aroma of the thousands of flower and spreads the vibes of goodness.

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