Buddha Purnima 2017

Event Name : Buddha Purnima 2017
Venue : India
Start Date : Wednesday, 10-May-2017
End Date : Wednesday, 10-May-2017

Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima is highly awaited fest amongst the followers of Buddhism. Being a Buddhist festival, you may see natives of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar celebrating it enormously. Lighting oil lamps before the idol of Buddha, reciting prayers or reading from the scriptures is usually done to please him and thus blessings are sought.

The followers also prefer to meditate, offer prayers, silk scarves, fruit and incense throughout the whole day. It falls on the full moon of the forth lunar month and marks the three stages of his life. First, his advent, enlightenment and nirvana- about 2,500 years back. He may not be considered god but still his preachings are powerful enough to emancipate you from unhappiness. The passionate Buddhists visit temples on Vesak, displaying a small baby statue of Buddha kept in a basin to attend monks lessons who talks in praise of him and recite ancient versus.

The basin is beautifully festooned with flowers and filled with water and aficionados pour water on it that symbolizes a pristine and new start. Above and beyond, well-off people give money to the needy ones. Animals are set free from cages that actually shows the Buddhists love and care for all living creatures.

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