Day wise Itinerary
Day 1 : from the city to DEVBHOOMI

Reach Manali and rest for the night for your epic road journey to Ladakh

Day 2 : into DEVBHOOMI HIMACHAL towards LEH

Wake up early with the sun and get ready for the show, today to have to cross the first Holy pass, known Rohtang La. This pass is called as one of the most beautiful roads and driving on this road will give you a feeling which you will remember for your whole life. Enjoy the sceneries and spend some time at Rohtang top. The road descending is quite a bumpy ride. Once down this road, you will reach Khalsar, where required entry is done. You may have your lunch, non vegetarians can try some meat-chawal or mix thukpa. Drive till Serchu as it closer to Ladakh and spend your night there for a head start for tomorrow. Check into the camps and enjoy the nature and the beautiful night sky

Day 3 : to the land of passes LADAKH via many passes.

After waking up in the wilderness, have your breakfast and cross the border of Himachal into Ladakh. A beautiful journey of barren mountains will mesmerise you and gata loops confuse you. Drive over the Lachung La/ Pass and halt at pang for some lunch. Post Pang get ready to drive through the Mori Plains cross the final pass Taglang La to reach Leh. Pass through the beautiful villages of Upshi, Thiksey, Shey and cross the Indus river to reach The Last Resort. Enjoy the evenings of Ladakh and get ready to be pampered with an amazing dinner and some warm bonfire. . Don’t forget to look up at the sky during your stay in Ladakh, one of the best things in Ladakh, is the night sky. The array of stars and the sheer clarity of the sky makes you forget virtual things like television. Don’t lose on the opportunity of witnessing our own galaxy, The Milky Way. For the patient and the sharp sighted, a lot of opportunities of catching a shooting star might turn up unless it is full moon time !!. Snuggle in your warm bed and enjoy your first night in these mountains.

Day 4 : get Leh’d and relax

Wake at your time as it’s a light day for you, those who like early have a very nice choice of Indus walk, and Indus is In-house in the property. Take good morning walk along the Indus in the Last Resort, Ask the way towards Jungle, don’t worry there is no poisonous insect or any dangerous animal here. After breakfast you can talk your kids and family for the Indus walk, People who like cold water can take a dip in the Indus river channel which is not deep at all and you will find small kids taking dip in the same. You can take your lunch on the Indus and make it a small luncheon picnic with an amazing view of Leh. After Picnic take a small power nap to recharge for the amazing evening. In evening take a walk for the Palam caves and Kali Mata Mandir, for people who like walking this will be an amazing Journey of 6km from The resort, don’t forget to take water bottles and please don’t throw them anywhere in between, Reach Spituk Gonpa, kali Mata Mandir, for blessings. If you are fit you need to get back by yourself or we will provide you a taxi on request. The group who will come back by themselves will get a silk-wool scarf from the last resort. Also a visit to The Hall of Fame may be arranged, not only popular among the tourists but also has quite a lot of information on Ladakh. It is an interesting place to visit and you may also hang out at Cafe Aroma, run by army and enjoy some great coffee and conversations. After spending some time there, what could be better than catching the sunset perched on the mountains with a massive stupa in the background. Shanti Stupa, built as a symbol for world peace has an amazing view of Leh, a small monastery and a meditation hall and a great cafe. Spending time here is worth every minute. Circumambulate the stupa, catch the setting sun, enjoy the view, meditate in the hall listening to the prayers and chants of the monk and if you are game for more coffee, step right into the cafe. Enjoy the evenings of Ladakh and get ready to be pampered with an amazing dinner and some warm bonfire. . Don’t forget to look up at the sky during your stay in Ladakh, one of the best things in Ladakh, is the night sky. The array of stars and the sheer clarity of the sky makes you forget virtual things like television. Don’t lose on the opportunity of witnessing our own galaxy, The Milky Way. For the patient and the sharp sighted, a lot of opportunities of catching a shooting star might turn up unless it is full moon time !!. Snuggle in your warm bed and enjoy your first night in these mountains.

Day 5 : ghoomleh PANGONG via CHANG LA baba

Another beautiful day in the land of passes and after enjoying the nature, morning and breakfast get ready for a journey to a destination that takes your breath away- Pangong. The beauty lies in the journey as well as you pass through the beautiful villages by the banks of Indus. Get ready to be captivated by the herculean feat of Ladakhis in not just building the stupas you come across but the well perched monasteris on the mountains. You would feel like stopping and visiting these, we will make sure you will visit them on the way back. So passing the amazing villages like Shey, Thiksey etc you take the road to Sakti village and thus Pangong from Kharu’s diversion. After passing the village of Sakti you ascend the road leading to the mighty Chang La. The road is quite a bad ass at many points with streams, ice and rocks, giving you an adventurous time on the wheels. At Chang La, pay homage to Chang La baba, take some tea, play with the friendly mutts and get ready to descend and continue to your destination Pangong. Passing through the villages of Durbuk and Tangtse. You may stop over from some nice warm food available at the restaurants. Post Tangtse, the scenery changes from mountains, pastures , pashmina goat herds to yaks and the hole loving marmots, be sure not to feed them. Enjoy the view and get ready for some bumpy time, followed by the dreamlike view of an oasis in the desert. Take your time, enjoy the view, marvel at the beauty. Drive along the Pangong you make check in to the camp or Pangong, whatever you desire, you have time. Spend the evening capturing the beauty in your memory or camera. Enjoy a cup of tea near Pangong and feel blessed to have a moment like that. Spend night by the lake

Day 6 : back to the roots LEH

The early risers can experience the beauty of sun’s rising from the mountains in the east and soak in its grace, immerse in the nature, listen to its amazing music and breath the fresh morning air. After having your light breakfast you are all set for visiting the beauty, grandeur and herculean feat of construction of the monasteries of Ladakh, which it is famous for. You travel along the Palam Hills crossing the villages of Palam, Chuchot and drive along the Indus to reach one of the most famous, largest and old monasteries of Ladakh, Hemis. Many temples are dedicated to different deities and gurus, most notable, Guru Padmasambhava. Visit the museum, grab some coffee. In 2016, on the occasion of Naropa festival also know as Himalayan Kumbh Mela, a grand stupa has been inaugrated. After spending some time at Hemis monastery, cross the Indus river to reach Kharu village and from there head to visit Thiksey monastery, again very popular . This monastery, built in the likeness of Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, is beautifully constructed with nunnery for nuns , has a 2 storey statue of Maitreyi Buddha and many halls dedicated to different deities. You may also visit the Druk White Lotus School famous for its cameo role in 3 Idiots which has Naropa Temple and many interesting things about it. Designed by Arup, London, who have apparently worked on Sydney Opera House as well, this school is noted for its sustainable design and has an assembly hall, still in construction , similar to Shakespeare theatre in London. En route you will come across Shey Palace and monastery, you may feed some fishes of the small swamp opposite to the Palace. Though nothing much to see Sindhu Ghat is also en route, where the annual Sindu darshan takes place. Reach your hotel in the evening, take some rest and recollect the memories of your beautiful moments.

Day 7 : ghoomleh NUBRA VALLEY via the highest motorable road

In Ladakh, travelers who wake early have an advantage, as the morning is quite nice and the light is amazing for photography and natural view!After light breakfast leave for Nubra valley, Dumbra-means garden in Ladakhi, the road to Khardung-La is one of the highest roads on Earth and Indians have sacrificed their lives to construct this road. This road is maintained by the BRO, Indian Army, and plays a vital role in the defense system of Ladakh. It’s the only road in Ladakh which is kept open by the army in winters with amazing efforts for supplying materials to Siachen Glacier and other vital goods to Nubra and Changthang region. Your taxi will be stopped at South Pullu for identification where you need to give your details, by the time you can get some nice Army shoes and Caps at wet canteen situated at South pullu but don’t do a lot of movements as it quite high and you can get short breath. It’s nice to know that before 2013 to get a pass from here, a limited permission used to be issued from DC office, called as Inner line permit, but now thanks to few rebel volunteers and Leh’s Karmic DC Simrandeep Singh the permit system was waved off, now all you need to show is your legal ids and give a information paper which you can get from the driver. After few kilometers you will see the path of Old silk route and the great “India Gate” . Get few clicks as a memory on Khardung-La/pass, as it’s called the highest motor able road but , in fact, its only one of the highest road, a higher pass called as the Marsemik-La, the word ‘La’ means a pass, is situated in Changthang region. Don’t spend more than 10-15 minutes on the top as the altitude is high enough to make one sick, if you feel any breathlessness immediately inform the driver and don’t panic as there is nothing to panic about. You are at a good height and feeling uncomfortable is a natural phenomenon. Drive downhill towards Nubra valley and keep your imagination wide . After a 30 km drive via North Pullu, the word “Pullu” means a Halt, in ancient time people use to cross the pass by foot and these two point use to be halts before crossing the Great Khardung La pass, In few years Khardung Glacier has reduced a lot because of the global warming and unsustainable tourist practices. You will reach Khardung village which is one of the highest village in Ladakh, take a break at Khardung or Khalsar village. Capture the breathtaking view of Nubra valley, which look like great canyon on the way. Reach Your special Camp in, after a good lunch take some rest and ask your driver to arrange a camel ride on the double humped bactrian camel and later a sun-set view from Diskit Monastery. Hunder is small desert which keep changing its patterns like the famous Thar desert, you will be amazed by this natural miracle. Relax for the day and prepare for a good journey next morning.

Day 8 : back to the roots LEH

Rise and shine in the garden that Nubra is, with a beautiful morning with lots of greenery, amazing nature music and if season permits, lots of apricots. Spend the morning with yourself and nature, enjoying both. After breakfast, we suggest you head back to the sand dunes again, to get mesmerised by it beauty in the morning. With not much tourists and the footprints of last day erased by the winds in the night, the sand dunes offer an amazing sight to witness, with sunshine gleaming on the contours of the waves. Spend some ‘shanti - shanti’ time at the dunes and get ready to head back to Leh. You are familiar with most places on the way back but the scenic beauty is as captivating as you saw it one day before. enjoy the ride back and if lucky come across herds of yaks on the road. Say your good bye to the mighty 'Dariye Shyok'. On the way back, you now can spend as much time as possible as now your body is acclimitized to it. Get some tea at the canteen, buy some souveniers and if you are up for some adventure, climb up the snow , following the music from the small temple above. Head back to Leh and take a tour on your bikes . You may also head for Leh market for some shopping in the evening . Come back to the last resort in the evening, take some rest and recollect the memories of your beautiful moments.

Day 9 : ghoomleh KARGIL

Another beautiful day under the picture perfect blue skies and the majestic mountains, another day to explore another side of Ladakh. Early risers can witness a beautiful sunrise, rising from the mountains and a quaint and perfect time to capture the beauty of Himalayan mornings. From birds to bees, from mountains to monasteries, too much to capture and mornings provide the perfect light. After a good breakfast at the last resort, Get ready for journey to another side of Ladakh-Kargil. En-route take blessings from the holy Gurudwara Pathar Sahib which is around 30 km from the last resort is one a famous pilgrim. The presence of this Holy place here signifies the journey of great people in Ladakh, this place have amazing vibrations which will make to calm and quite in few moments, sit in the main area for few moments take some deep breath, Meditate for few minutes and have some magical Prasad. After the enlighten experience of this magical place you will proceed towards the funny Magnetic hill which look like a magic. This place look very spiritual in way too as it gives you an illusion same as the Maya of life, you will start moving uphill without any support but, most of the time it’s too crowded and trafficked to experience this magic but don’t worry you will get another chance to witness this. After few kilometers from this Maya place is a magical place, Sangam of Indus and Zanskar, Zanskar river comes from the south with different water and immerges into the color of Indus, As a lover it completely dissolves into the Great Indus and become It, Zanskar is the first river which confluence with the Indus, there Are more four more rivers which immerges into the Great Indus but the funny dispute of India and Pakistan don’t allow the tourist to witness that magic. A few Kilometers after the confluence is the village, Nimoo which is a major village of Sham, enroute to Kargil on the famous NH-1 Highway. After driving for some 90 kms, we reach Khaltse , which is an active town with a sprawling market, where we will have some lunch. Crossing two small and beautiful passes named as Namkila-Fotula, Reach Lamayuru Monastery and witness full view of moon-land on the planet which is around 65 km from Mulbekh. Leh to Kargil road has been nicely developed in last years and now become one of the best road of India, Driving on this road give you a feel of going to the roots as to drive along the Glorious Indus River which make our country India, and has witnessed many most ancient civilizations. Around 4o km from Kargil, Mulbekh breaths fresh with the amazing golden mountains, visit the statue of Maître Buddha, Means future Buddha, here. This art is as old as the faith of Buddhism, define in peace. The road to Kargil is smooth and beautiful you will thoroughly enjoy it if you will keep your patience high and wondering on nature. Ask the driver to tell take few breaks and never hesitate to pee in the nature, you have every right to mark your territory ;, and those who need a proper toilet make a check that you will not get much maintained toilet except your hotels or army places.

Day 10 : ghoomleh SONMARG via ZOJI LA

Catch the sunrise, paint your imagination and witness the beauty of the rising sun with shivering cold. People who like photography and time lapse photography this will be the best time to capture best shots. After having your light breakfast you are all set for Sonmarg. The road from Kargil to Dras is one of the most beautiful roads on this planet, its smooth and full of nature’s miracles you can take good pictures on this road. Take a break at Dras to witness the second coldest Living place, and pay a gratitude to the Kargil soldiers at the Drass War Memorial. Visit the war memorial and watch the story of the glory at war memorial. Take a light lunch at the war memorial. You are close to not only the sky at the pass but international border. After ascending the pass we head towards beautiful villages of Dras, Pandrass to again scale another pass of Zojila to come to the golden meadows of Sonmarg and marvel at the stark difference in the landscape of Ladakh and Srinagar. While you descend Zoji La , on your left lies the famous Amarnath yatra route and you are close to Shiv Ji. Once in Sonmarg. Have lunch, walk around and immersing in the bounty of greenery nature presents. Spend the remaining day at leisure. Activities like Zorbing and boating are available nearby a quaint park and a small waterfall.

Day 11 : hasta la vista JULLEY bye bye

After the amazing Journey of Mountain, Rivers, Lake, desert and passes its time so say goodbye to Ladakh to say hello again as it’s said that it takes a lifetime to absorb Ladakh. You have to go back to your world and work again but, this journey makes you aware of the nature its power and its beauty. The stars of Ladakh helps you realize many things and understand planets are small after gazing at the clear stars and galaxies and how life is a much bigger journey. Say your Julley to Ladakh, to say Julley again !! Catch a flight from Srinagar-Delhi and head back Home with memories in your heart.

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ManaliEden Monal, Kunzam Hotel Or Similar3 ★Day 1
SerchuRed Rock Camp , Golddrop Camp Or Similar3 ★Day 2
LehThe Last Resort3 ★Day 3
LehThe Last Resort3 ★Day 4
Pangong100 Sky Camp, Woodland Camp Or Similar2 ★Day 5
LehThe Last Resort3 ★Day 6
NubraThe Apple Cottage Or Similar3 ★Day 7
LehThe Last Resort3 ★Day 8
KargilRangyul Hotel Or Similar3 ★Day 9
SonmargGreen Glamping3 ★Day 10
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