Why A Trip To Lavasa Is A Perfect Weekend Escapade

Why A Trip To Lavasa Is A Perfect Weekend Escapade

Hill station is the perfect gateway from our daily problem and frustrating life. However, many people find it difficult to choose from adventure sports, action-packed trip or hill station, when it comes to the hill station. Well, the best thing is that Lavasa has it all covered. If you are anywhere near to Delhi, Pune and Mumbai then there is nothing to worry about. This hill station will give the perfect of all.   So, get ready for the Delhi-Lavasa or Mumbai-Lavasa highway to get that perfect weekend adventure.  

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Here is a list for you - Why A Trip To Lavasa Is A Perfect Weekend Escapade

1. Camping


It is an amazing place to get the camping started. This will not only get your adventure started but will also connect you with nature. On top of that, the tents are extremely comfortable so you don’t have to be worried about your stay. It might not be perfect as compared to hotels but with nature, it will be worth it. They there are the Western Ghats that are a must visit during camping.

2. Bird Watching


Lavasa is a beautiful place with its panoramic scenery and wildlife. It has managed to capture the view of the enormous city point where you can clearly see the wide species of birds. On top of that, these locations are a perfect point to click several pictures and get the best out of all experience. The nature photography will make you go crazy for it.

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3. Water Sports


For the adventure lover, water is something that they aim for. Well, you won’t be disappointed with the aquatic play at the unique zero-depth. In addition to this, Lavasa is full of splashes, sprays and even interactive jets which can be enjoyed by people. You can even make a trip to Warasgaon Lake to enjoy jet skiing, pedal boating and kayaking.

4. Indoor Golf


Not everyone is going to the loud adventure lover. Some of the travellers enjoy the natural peace with an outstanding indoor game. Well, you can enjoy at indoor golf that is provided in a learning centre and gold recreational institute. In addition to this, if you want to try your hands in golf then it is the perfect place to enjoy and get started. The place also has golf stimulator for the beginners as well as advanced players to enjoy themselves.


So, don’t hold yourself when you have so much to enjoy at a single place. 

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