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Biking, hiking, trekking, camping and more, outdoor adventure activities are a perfect dose of thrill and joy to break your monotonous schedule. The more you explore the better these experiences become but it is always better to have enough knowledge, right gear and track information in hand before you head out of your home to try an adventure activity and fulfil your outdoor dreams. Outdoor experts bring you all these essentials through their writings. 

TOP OUTDOOR/ADVENTURE TRAVEL BLOGS 2018 have every information you need to go on an outdoor expedition and have fun while testing your limits. Check out the list and pick your favourite blog:






  1. Ease India Travel: Ease India Travel is founded by Ritu Goyal, a Pune based Indian Journalist and now a passionate traveller. Ease India Travel is a startup that specialises in curated holidays to Bhutan, paragliding trips in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra Valley, birding and hiking trips in Coorg, Karnataka, and temple tours across nine famous religious landmarks in Kerala. It creates a personalised itinerary to offer offbeat experiences that make it even more memorable for the traveller.
  2. The World Ways: The World Ways is an endeavour to explore the World. From walking through the toughest of ways to flying in a swish aeroplane, it includes all. It has now become a platform which strives to inspire and help passionate travellers across the world by sharing travel notes.
  3. Travel to Destiny: is a specialist inbound tour company, which understands what travellers would like to see and do on their India trip, and work with them towards creating a perfect itinerary and a perfect travel experience. It provides the travellers with all information about travel and tours in India.
  4. Weekend Thrill: Weekend Thrill is an online marketplace for curated events that can be experienced over a weekend or during leisure time. Weekend Thrill is for the traveller who wants to experience new stuff and treasure them. It specializes in providing information & updates about adventure and sports activities to the travellers.
  5. The Travel Specialists: The Travel Specialists is an Australia based five decades old Travel company which provides a complete travel solution to the travellers. It provides everything from luxury lodges and resorts to bush camps and tents in the most spectacular national parks in the world. It puts together an experience that suits the way a traveller would like to travel, their budget and open their eyes to what Africa and the world have to offer – stunning natural beauty, magnificent animals, cultural interest, adventure and hospitality.
  6. Pure Travel: Pure Travel started in the year 1999, is run by travel professionals and enthusiasts who have years of experience of guiding adventure tours and running operators in both the UK and overseas.
  7. Travel d’globe: Travel d’globe is a one-stop solution for all the travel needs of the traveller. Armed with over 300+ destinations, more than 1500+ points of interests and the best algorithm, it tries to find the best travel plan for the traveller. Travel d’globe aims to revolutionize the definition of ‘TRAVEL’ for the consumers by providing the best facilities at the cheapest prices.
  8. The Backpackers Group: The Backpackers Group is a blog that gets all the backpacker travellers together as a group to explore new places and reveal the hidden stories of those places. It promotes Indian culture & heritage among the travellers.  
  9. Ladakh Travels: Ladakh Travels is a travel blog which beliefs in perfect adventure and discovering the world. It’s managing director Andrew, has been to over 40 countries in his quest for the perfect adventure. He has biked the death road in Bolivia, trekked 500 miles across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago, cycled from Brussels to Florence and hiked the five sacred mountains of China. Pygmy Elephant is how he spreads his love for adventure and self-discovery in the world.
  10. Liveonlypenly: Liveonlypenly a travel blog that focuses on searching for sights and sounds of less trodden paths in Singapore, Asia and rest of the world. The blog constantly searches for paths carved out by nature and sights that are preserved from the passing of time.
  11. Planer Podrozy: Planer Podrozy is a travel blog from Poland, formally known as Aloha Traveler. It plans tailor-made holidays for travellers from across the globe. Aloha Traveler believes in the line ’Nothing brings so much joy in my life as a travelling’
  12. is the oldest and largest travel portal in Estonia which was released in 1998. It is a community of tourists who are united by a traveller and interested in distant lands and cultures.
  13. Newskira :Newskira is a news and information website. Newskira is not only about offering a glimpse of what’s going on in the world, it is also a tool which helps the reader work out a way in a wind whirl of news brought forward with no filter. It provides carefully written pieces concerning travel, technology, celebrity culture, entertainment and business, with an ever-present sense of humour and good will.
  14. 365hops: 365hops is a location and interest-based crowd-sharing platform for adventure, experiential and off-beat travel. It provides a tool to the travellers where they can broadcast and discover trips, travel plans and unique places to everybody and meet the local and interested people at different locations easily.
  15. Hodu:
  16. Amazing India Blog: Dedicated to the diversity and richness of India, Amazing India Blog offers a chance to peep into the treasure vault of culture, natural beauty, life and amazing people of the country. Operated by an Engineer turned professional blogger, the blog is aimed to educate the world about India and everything related to the country.
  17. Small Budget Big Trips :Small Budget Big Trips is a community of travel bloggers sharing their travel experiences with each other and the entire world. It was founded with the aim of providing travel bloggers and travelers a platform to connect and help each other for whatever assistance they need.

  18. Travelmywayforless: From places to visit to best hotel recommendation to traveling tips and more, at Travel My Way For Less, you can find anything and everything related to travel. The blog started in 2013 is now a huge collection of posts that are rich with facts, tips and suggestions to make any trip successful.

  19. Panchmarhi-Hotels : Pachmarhi is a beautiful hill station in Madhya Pradesh and Pachmarhi is a blog dedicated to the diversity of this beautiful place. Inspired by the beauty and richness of the place, the founder set up a bespoke blog for Pachmari, which today offers best information guide to anybody planning a trip to Pachmarhi.

  20. Breath taking India : India is indeed breathtakingly beautiful and the blog- Breathtaking India throws a informative light on its awesomeness. The blog allows you to create your own amazing trips to different places in India and also make reservations for the same.

  21. Tour and travel blog  : Founded by Ariana Smith in 2015, Tour And Travel Blog is a rich community of travel bloggers across the world sharing their travel experiences, suggestions and ideas. From adventure travels to romantic getaways, the blog has everything to delight a traveler’s soul.

  22. Indostan : Indostan is a blog that shares information about traveling, India and Asia. It aims to share in-depth knowledge about India and Indians with the rest of the world. The blog also caters as a platform where people from different walks of life come and share their knowledge and experiences about ious Indian things.

  23. Eat Shop and travel : Eat Shop and travel is travel blog which has adventure business travel blogs 

  24. Travel Massive : A website that connects travel enthusiasts, companies and others for events and more. You can get information about different travel events schedules across the world and participate to expand your travel knowledge and experiences.

  25. Trip101 : No more fear of traveling to the unknown destinations as Trip 101 brings you an assortment of travel guides to all famous destinations across the world. A large community of travel writers share their experiences and suggestion about travel and survival.

  26. Teton gravity  : Tenton Gravity Research was established by Steve Jones & Todd Jones. The blog is an inspiration for adventure enthusiasts as the founders let you see the world through their lens. You can see impressive pictures and videos on this blog.

  27. Eventraveler :When you travel across the world visiting many events, you need a partner to help you plan. Event Traveler is a blog dedicated to help travel and event enthusiasts plan their events successfully. Find all details about upcoming fest across the globe at this blog. 

  28. Dream and Travel :Dream and Travel is a travel blog that offers travel experts, travel bloggers and writers a platform to connect and write about their travel experiences. From personal stories to travel ideas, you can find anything and everything on this blog.

  29. Ghoomna phirna :If you are a wanderer, this blog is for you. Ghoomna Phirna gives you some real-life adventure trip inspirations. The blog shares some real road-trip stories of travelers traveling across the globe.

  30. Tuk Tuk : Tuk Tuk is a blog where you find travel stories and information about famous destinations of the world. From famous food to travel destinations and more, the blog has rich stories for travel enthusiasts.

  31. Lonely Planet : Lonely Planet is a rich blog with iety of stories around travel and food. From family holidays to festivals, to food and drinks & honeymoon and romance, find rich guides, tips, stories and more.   

  32. Padhaaro : Padhaaro means Welcome in English and the blog shares travel tips, travelogue, food and more. The blog is dedicated to sharing local experiences of travel in India and famous food of the country.

  33. MR Passenger :When you love traveling, you need inspiration to travel. Mr. Passenger offers you the inspiration to travel and also shares information about places and food. The author shares quality tips for traveling and exploring the best places of the world.

  34. Back packer planet :Love backpacking and more, find your next travel inspiration on this blog. Backpacker Planet is a platform that connects travel writers, experts and travelers to share their common interest- Travel.

  35. Lokaso : Lokaso is a platform that connects locals and travelers to help each other. You can seek information about places and famous events and plan your trips accordingly.

  36. Wish Plan Travel:Wish Plan Travel is a travel blog dedicated to those who are enthusiastic about travelling. From holiday itineraries to trending holiday destinations to best hotel deals to travel tips and tricks, the blog has all info about travel that you need for an awesome trip. So you need to wish, they will help you plan and then you can travel the world.

  37. Heyhimalayas :Just as the names suggests, Hey Himalayas takes you to the adventure hub of India –The Himalayas. They organize trekking expedition and help you unwind in the best of the nature’s creation. From challenging to easy and glaciers to valley, you get many choice to pick the best trekking package as per the excitement you seek.

  38. Liveyourpassion :An initiative of ICICI Bank, Live Your Passion brings you the best content, news, experts talks and offers that push you one step more towards your passion.  They Travel, Food, Health, Photography and Art categories, fueling them with rich and enticing content each day. By joining them, you can participate in webinars and enjoy ious offers.

  39. Visitkerala :One of the best traveling destination in India, Kerala boasts of its diversity of landscapes, culture, climate and food. Visit Kerala helps travelers willing to explore Kerala by offering them best information about travel destinations, travel packages, Ayurveda & Yoga, Hotels and Homestays, and more. They also connect you with travel agents to plan a perfect trip to Kerala.

  40. With the motto Inspiring Impactful Travel, Adventure. Travel makes it important for people to do something good and worth, while traveling. They organize tours that are dedicates to wildlife conservation, environment safety, and people welfare. With many projects established, they promote the idea of traveling with companies that work for the good and not only for profits.

  41. Travelotrips :A travel tips and coupon blog, Travel O Trip covers some of the most amazing travel destinations in the world. They have content on Africa, North Africa, America, Canada, Mexico, North America, America, India, Asia, Japan, Singapore and more. From travel tips to travel news and last minute traveling help, you get all at one place.

  42. BCM Touring :BCM Touring is an online travel community and forum established in 2006. The blog is fueled by the knowledge and expertise of some expert travelers who write about best travel escapades. It has over 3500 registered members and still counting.  The blog aims to offer highly accurate and personalized information to the seekers.

  43. Adventuresinfinite :A blog established by a Motorcyclist from Seattle, the Adventures Infinite records the best of the traveling and motorcycling experiences. Know how a woman with passion for motorcycling and travel makes the best of her journeys and records her experience through this blog.

  44. Mywanderlust :If you are a wanderer with lust to visit and explore ious destinations, cultures, events and festivals around the globe, My Wander Lust brings you related content at a click. It is a community of travel lovers where experts share their travel journey and experiences.

  45. Suburbanmen :As the name depicts, the blog is dedicated to the men’s fraternity. The Urban Men is a multi-niche blog catering to the American Men. From rides to men’s lives to woman to fitness and more, there is a lot of engaging stuff on the blog to read and admire.

  46. Chalbatohi : collection of guides to travel the best destinations in the world, Chalbatohi is a blog set up by Suraj Dhara, Abhineet Saxena & Tushar Sharma, three students. However now, only Suraj and Abhineet run the blog. The primary motive of this blog is to inspire global tourists to travel and explore the best destinations across the globe.

  47. Nomadesdigitais :If you love to travel, this website teaches you how to make money while you travel the globe. All you need is the latest age gadgets and knowledge about technical know-how and you are good to join the brigade. Digital Nomads come as a boon for people to enjoy traveling while working and earning a decent living for themselves.

  48. Travelaroundtheworld :Travel around the World is a blog set up by Beatris, who enjoys helping others. With hobbies as traveling and photography, she maintains her blog to share her experience with the rest of the world. By sharing traveling tips and tricks, and making traveling guides, Beatris makes the most helpful blogs in the World Wide Web.

  49. Traveldudes :Travel dudes is a social travel platform that allow enthusiastic travelers to share their experiences of travel and staying at different places. If you are planning a trip to someplace, you can get amazing traveling tips and guides to make your travel a complete success. Dedicated to help travelers across the globe, this platform welcomes more and more experts to join and inspire others.

  50. Pixel Voyages :Pixel Voyages is the brainchild of VibhaRavi who makes it one of the most traveler-friendly platform. With her pen and her camera, Vibha makes amazing stories that inspires travelers. She has a never-ending bucket list full of destinations to visit and she shares her experiences as she strikes one off the list.

  51. Viralstories :Spreading smiles is the aim that the founders of Viral Story chase with their blog. They upload quirky, mind-boggling, rib-tickling funny moments and stories for their readers to read and laugh upon. You can read a lot about viral news, funny stories, life, travel stories and more on this blog and make your day a happy day.

  52. Offtrackbackpacking :Tanya, the founder of the blog fascinated about traveling the world and writing down her experiences since she was a teenager. On the other hand, Nara, the co-founder of the blog became curious about traveling to ious locations in the world when she was just 12 years old. Together they travel and weave amazing experiences for the readers to cherish.

  53. Bucket List Publications :Bucket List Publications is an online magazine set up by Lesley Carter. She loves to travel and try adventure activities like white-water rafting, skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, piloting a biplane, helicopter, and airplane, diving with sharks, dog sledding, base jumping, rappelling, and caving. She has a long bucket list and in her 30 years of life, have visited over 100 countries. She is a mother and have taken her daughter to 40 other countries as well.

  54. InTriper :InTriper is a travel blog that publishes innovative, curious and socially relevant content. With the aim to inspire and motivate the readers to travel to the known and unknown places of the world, the blog brings hand-picked content created by qualified curators.

  55. Bestworldtraveldestinations :Jonah is the creator and manager of the Best World Travel Destinations blog. After working as a travel agent in an international agency, Jonah took up blogging as a mainstream career and now writes intriguing content about traveling the world.  You can find some travel inspiration on her blog.

  56. Canyouactually :Dedicated to offer the readers a booster dose of entertainment, Can You Actually brings hot and entertaining stuff to your plates. With content related to art, design, travel, culture, photography, and cool products, the blog is a place where you’re inquisitive and bored mind finds some solace.

  57. Likealocalguide :If you wish to explore a place, there is no better way to live it like a local. The blog, Like A Local Guide is where you find tips and tricks from locals to visit places around the globe. From popular cities to not so popular town, the community has rich locals on board to help travel enthusiasts.

  58. Wonder Trip

  59. Traveller24:Find next travel inspiration or get visa info, at Traveller24, you can find your escape and enjoy traveling to the core of the world. The blog is dedicated to traveling and offers guides on ious location travel. It also has a My Travel column where ious personal travel stories are published.

  60. Tripoclan :Love traveling, then find your next travel inspiration at Tripoclan. You can get blogs and read travelogues to make your next trip amazing. The website also offers itinerary solutions for enthusiastic travelers. Go through their blogs and make your next trip more amazing and incredible.

  61. lifesgreatadventures :Just like its name, Life’s Great Adventures is a site that offers you a chance to travel to the adventure lands. You can also share your adventure stories and inspire others. From destinations, to travel styles to interviews and more, the platform is rich with stories of all sorts.

  62. I Am Adventure:I Am Adventure, in operation since 2006, started humbly and has gone from strength to strength to become one of the most formidable experience providers for its clients. Our philosophy is based on one of SUSTAINABILITY, the long-term assurance that whatever activity we conduct in any natural area must contribute to the conservation and to the well-being of the inhabitants of that area, thus ensuring that future generations will be able to visit those same areas and enjoy the same experience as did their parents before them.

  63. Adventure In banggalore:if you have been to Bangalore, you only know what all it offers, and if you haven’t, this blog will tell you the tale. Santosh, a travel lover and an adventure enthusiast, writes the best of his experiences for his lover to inspire. The blog revolves around Bangalore and describe its famous places, activities and other key attributes in detail.

  64. The Inertia – Surfing’s community, featuring news, photography, opinions, and art from surfing’s most talented individuals.
  65. The Inertia – Surfing’s community, featuring news, photography, opinions, and art from surfing’s most talented individuals.
  66. Switch Back Travel – An adventure travel guides and lifestyle, covering top adventure destinations around the world including Patagonia, New Zealand, Alaska, Norway, Nepal.
  67. Monkeys and Mountains – An award-winning adventure travel blog by Laurel Robbins, with passions for outdoor adventures and off-beat experiences.
  68. Alastair Humphreys – Alastair Humphreys is a real adventurer and blogger. Crossing Iceland, rowing the Atlantic, running the Marathon des Sables? He did it all and more.
  69. Bearfoot Theory – Outdoor adventure travel blog for the Western US and beyond.
  70. Traveling Ted – Ted Nelson is an outdoor adventure travel writer and blogger. His blog chronicles thetraveloguerhis hiking, canoeing, and skiing adventures in the United States and around the world.
  71. Hike. Eat. Camp. Repeat. – An online journal of the great outdoors, cheap eats and cold brewskis.
  72. Hiking to the Heights – Miles Hiked in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  73. Michael Modzelewski – Author and Adventurer Michael Modzelewski shares inspiring adventure stories, like swimming with whales or running a marathon on the Great wall.
  74. New York Outdoors – Outdoor fun in New York state.
  75. Adventure Insider – Technical part of outdoor adventure.
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