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Top Beaches In Karnataka

The serene beauty of Karnataka lies on the Konkan Coast of India, with its blue waves splashing the beaches, Karnataka has one of the best beaches in India. These beaches, attract a lot of tourist attraction, with water sports their USP, Karnataka beaches provided you full fledge luxurious time to rejuvenate your inner self and unravel the hidden person inside you. It provides urban dwellers which much awaited calm and serene atmosphere and gives them a break from their monotonous schedule.

Karwar Beach - Karnataka
karwar beach_1527495388s11.jpg

This beach is one of the top beaches in Karnataka and offers amazing lip smacking spicy sea food, for all those who are hardcore lover of sea food, it is a treat to their taste buds. Water activities such as diving and snorkeling are done here, this beach is unique in itself it has 300 years old Venkatrama temple which attracts tourist attraction a lot. Visit to Karwar beach definitely if you visit Karnataka.

Udupi Beach - Karnataka

Beach known for its south Indian cuisine and lies on the coast of Arabian Sea. The beautiful texture in the sky during sunset and sunrise, makes it an attractive destination for tourists. Its meadows of blue and yellow dazzles the eyes and provide calmness inner self. It is a coastal region with beautifully carved architecture and buildings,that make it top destination to visit in Karnataka.

Gokarna Beach - Karnataka

Gokarna beach is famous for water activities like diving, parasailing and surfing. The night life is very exciting full of music, food and dance. It is a hub for hippies and beach lover and is in the list of top beaches in Karnataka, with calm meadows it is a perfect spot for relaxation to people.

Devbagh Beach - Karnataka

This beach is a perfect getaway with lush sands trines and stands in the list of top beaches in Karnataka. This mainland is famous for its sea splashes, shopping stands and fresh mouthwatering sea food. At Devbagh, one can embrace the nature’s beauty by enjoying yellow and blue shades of the atmosphere.

Kumta Beach - Karnataka

Within the coastal area of Karnataka, lies another beautiful mainland Kumta Beach. This beach is quite peaceful and is famous for shopping, girls can check out all kind of stuffs from there at very cheap prices. This mainland is rich in forest and temple with world class architecture, which makes it even more attracting for people.

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