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Top 6 Destinations in India for the History Buffs

01 Mar 2023 01:47 PM
Top 6 Destinations in India for the History Buffs

India is an ancient land with a rich historical background. People have inhabited this landmass for thousands of years. A land of ascetics, great religious orders, wisdom, politics, science, and art, India has unending historical marvels to astonish history enthusiasts.

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1. Taj Mahal

A symbol of beauty, architectural splendour, and eternal love, the Taj Mahal is one of the historical monuments that never get shadowed over time. First, on the list of top 10 historical places in India, the Taj Mahal is one place every history buff finds enchanting regardless of the number of times they visit the place.

  • Visiting Time: From 6 hrs. to 18.30 hrs., every day except Friday.
  • Best Season: Every time is a great time to visit this timeless creation. However, the summer temperature in Agra remains extremely high. Therefore, avoiding the few months of summer is always the best idea. The Ta looks mesmerising in monsoon, and in winter, majestic. 
  • Special Tips: Do not forget to pose with your spouse for a picture in front of this epitome of love, remembrance, beauty, and architecture.

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2. Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple is one of the most popular historical places in India to visit in winter. This thirteenth-century structure never ceases to amaze history lovers. The symbolic importance of the various structures carved on this temple makes this place a popular choice for history buffs.

  • Visiting Time: From 10 hrs to 17 hrs every day
  • Best Season: You can visit this temple in Odisha throughout the year except in summer. Winter is particularly the most popular time if you area history buff. The broad daylight helps us understand the intricate carvings on the temple walls.
  • Special Tips: When you visit Konark Sun temple, visit the nearby caves as well.

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3. Chittor Fort

When it comes to the best places to visit in winter, Chittor in Rajasthan remains a personal favourite of many history enthusiasts. The legendary chronicles associated with this medieval-era fort which used to be the seat of the Mewar rulers still mesmerise curious minds. 

  • Visiting Time: from 9 hrs. to 17 hrs. every day
  • Best Season: Winter is undoubtedly the best season to visit this place in Rajasthan. If you don’t mind getting drenched, monsoon season is also a convenient time to explore this place. 
  • Special Tips: Do not miss the light and sound show of the fort. Plan your visit in a way that you can accommodate the show within your day’s itinerary.

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4. Sanchi Stupa

The list of top winter destinations for history buffs in India cannot be complete without Sanchi Stupa in it. This Buddhist shrine is one of the places that wrap history all around it. Erected during the era of King Ashoka, this place is one of the oldest surviving ancient structures in India.

  • Visiting Time: From 8 hrs to 19 hrs every day
  • Best Season: Winter is always the best season to visit any place in the central India region. Many people also visit Sanchi Stupa during the monsoon season.
  • Special Tips: When you visit this UNESCO world heritage monument, pay a visit to Vidisha. Vidisha is another place that attracts several history buffs for its rich history that predates the Mughal era.

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5. Hampi

Known for its remarkable stone carvings, Hampi is one place every history buff wants to visit. Apart from being one of the best historical places in India, Hampi is also celebrated for its beautiful landscapes and views.

  • Visiting Time: From 10 hrs. to 17 hrs every day except Friday.
  • Best Season: The best time to visit the ruin of Hampi remains the winter. This Deccan plateau region experiences heat waves during summer which makes visiting inconvenient.
  • Special Tips: Take a guided tour to know explore the mysteries this 14th-century stone marvel hides in it.

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6. Khajuraho

Khajuraho is a UNESCO world heritage site maintained by ASI that has intricately carved temples belonging to the 10th century. Popular for its erotic carvings on the temple walls, Khajuraho is ideal as a winter destination and is one of the top 15 historical places in India

  • Visiting Time: From 8 hrs. to 18 hrs., everyday.
  • Best Season: The best season to visit Khajuraho is the winter. Every year, a Dance Festival takes place in Khajuraho in the month of February. This is another time you will find this place enchanting.
  • Special Tips: Do not forget to pay a visit to Panna National Park and Panna Diamond Mines when in Khajuraho.

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7. Conclusion

The entire Indian subcontinent has millions of historical anecdotes to tell history buffs. However, for a short weekend trip, the destinations listed above remain the best choices. Especially for the winter season, these places remain pretty comfortable and ideal for spending the entire day chasing history’s most cunning facts.

8. FAQ

Which place in India has several historical monuments?

Delhi has been the seat of power for several dynasties across multiple centuries in India. Today it is the capital of India and has several interesting historical sites, monuments, and places spread across its length and breadth. For history buffs, Delhi is thus one of the must-visit places in India.

Are guided tours available in Khajuraho?

Yes. Khajuraho has many trained guides to explain the symbolic meaning of the specific architectural patterns of the Khajuraho Temple. This place also has trained guides fromthe tourism department who speak English, French, Spanish, etc. for handling international tourists.

Which Indian city is recognised as the “City Of History”?

Varanasi is more than 3000 years old and is rightly called the “City of History”. From its sacred ghats to the nearby Buddha shrine at Saranath, this place does not have a single lane that does not have history mingled in its air.

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