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Top 5 Cars for A Road Trip to the Mountains

1. Mahindra Scorpio
mahindra scorpio_1470996663e11.png

The terrain of mountains is unforgiving, even to those who have ventured there before. So, you cannot afford to juggle with maneuverability, especially when you have to pass through sharp cuts and steep descents. Mahindra Scorpio is the perfect companion for you. The smaller turning radius will be of great aide when navigating sharp cuts while the acceleration offers instant speed that is especially an asset on the spots you can’t risk going slow even for couple of moments. The ABS and other safety features go a long way in boosting confidence levels.
With a max power of 120bhp and a massive torque of 280 nm, courtesy 2.2 liter mHawk diesel engine mDl engine (H4, H8 and H9). A five speed manual gearbox further strengthens the car for an impressive performance on both ascents and descents.

2. Mahindra Thar
mahindra thar_1470996664u20.png

When it comes to mountain trips, size does matter and equally important is the power to offer a reliable drive. Mahindra Thar emerges as a true winner here. Its NEF TCI 105BHP CRDe Engine offers that extra boost of oxygen to the car's strength that allows it to decently go through steeps descents and tricky ascents. Its BorgWarner 4WD system further enhances the experience. Approach angles and departure angles are also specialties that need special mention. Nice shock absorbers also offer a decent control without scratching the belly.
The 103 bhp of torque produced by the 2.5 liter diesel engine can put to shame all obstacles of mountain terrain, while high ground clearance further enhances its suitability

3. Duster

Duster, though, costly, offers a wide array of features, most of them extremely crucial to riding on mountain terrains. The 4WD Duster, with its independent suspension located at the rear and immense torque can offer a great driving experience even on mountains and yes, even while you are enjoying every bit of speeding up. Its extremely powerful engine offers the stamina and strength that can measure high heels without complaining and the perfect protection provided by the suspension system instills a fresh lease of confidence whenever you go a bit too far ahead in your adventure. Highly responsive brakes are another feature of the vehicle.

4. Safari Dicor
safari dicor_1470996665u40.png

This 7-seater is a real asset on mountain trips. The ride becomes much safer when your hands are free to maneuver the steering with steering mounted controls which help you concentrate only on steering even while you receive a mobile call using advanced Bluetooth technology. The Econ Air conditioner allows you to set the desired temperature and maintain it effectively. Powered by a 2.2 liter diesel engine, the Tata Safari Dicor offers you a good amount of power to authoritatively stroll through tough terrains. It comes with a maximum torque of 320 Nm at 1700-2700 RPM. 
The G-76 synchromesh gearbox with overdrive further takes driving experience to the next level. However, it has obedient, powerful brakes to control the car at its top speed. The multilink suspension allows you to drive the car without getting its belly wounded or feeling any jolts inside the cabin. It comes with an independent double wishbone with torsion bar in the front while 5 link suspension with coil springs in the rear further add to the performance of the suspension system.

5. Mahindra Bolero
mahindra bolero_1470996666u50.png

The advanced engine helps Bolero speed up “at your will”. With an impressive torque, the Bolero can speed up to 100kmph almost effortlessly. While driving on mountains, you may need a “gush of speed” at many spots where you would not risk driving a big vehicle slowly. This quality of Bolero would certainly offer you the much needed speed during those times.
The driver’s seat is well planned and perfectly designed. It helps the driver sit in a comfortable, active posture without him bending too much, even on uneven, rough surfaces. It helps the driver to drive tirelessly and stay away from fatigue. Good quality fabric ensures perfect traction and certain stability without having to continually adjust your thighs.
The excellent shock breakers perfectly cushion the car against most jolts and bumps. The rugged exteriors have the surfaces made from material strong enough to remain unaffected by road offenses. Hence, the inevitable “unpleasant contacts” with rocks and other mishandling can be handled reasonably well by the Bolero. A good amount of room makes it a great vehicle to carry a group of adventurists without forcing them to struggle for space. The 2 best variants of Mahindra Bolero for measuring mountains behind the wheels are -

Bolero ZLX
bolero zlx_1470996666u60.jpg

The 7-seater ZLX is fueled by a 2523 CC m2DiCR engine and generates an impressive torque of 195NM@1400-2200 RPM. A 5 speed NGT 520 gear system further adds extra strength to the drive. The voice messaging system is a nice addition that tells you about general, but important factors that may be overlooked like strapping on the seat belt, an open door or even the need to refuel. A customized air conditioning system with the provision of a heater takes temperature control to the next level.

Bolero SLX
bolero slx_1470996667u70.png

Banking on the reliable performance of the same 2523 CC diesel engine with a considerable power of 62.95PS and 195Nm torque this variant has more than enough power to trudge through tricky terrains quite effectively. 4 cylinders offer decent amount of oxygen while the front independent suspension with coil springs and anti roll bar allows complete control. The steering feels nice, grips firmly and allows easy maneuverability. It is a perfect car if you want to experience the thrill of mountain riding without compromising on safety.

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