The Goddess Who Protects The Fetus Masaniamman Temple In Tamil Nadu

The Goddess Who Protects The Fetus  Masaniamman Temple In Tamil Nadu

  Located in Anaimalai, Tamil Nadu, this temple is dedicated to the goddess Arulmigu Masani Amman, who is an avatar of the Shakti or Masani Devi. People believe that the Masani Devi can cure any illness in the human body if you step into the temple and pray with total devotion. A lot of women visit this temple as this Goddess is known to protect their fetus.  

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Here is a list for you - The Goddess Who Protects The Fetus Masaniamman Temple In Tamil Nadu

1. How Did The Temple Form For Masani Devi


According to a legendary tale, in the ancient times, the Anaimalai region was ruled by Nannur who made some proclaims to impose serious penances for those who plucked any fruit from his belonging mango grove. It happened one day that a woman without knowing the proclaims consumed the fruit from his mango grove. Nannur got angry and d death punishment to the woman. After a few days, Nannur died because of the villagers attack. On that day, it was decided that people would start worshiping the woman who sacrificed her life. Later, her deity or graveyard came to be known as ‘Masani.’   

2. What Are The Interesting Facts About The Temple


The Masaniamman temple is famous for major fascinating facts. One such interesting fact is that devotees can come and pray to the Goddess of Justice, which is known as the ‘Neethi Kal’ in Tamil for getting away from any evil deeds. The one who has lost the possession of his precious belongings can come and pray to the 'Goddess of Justice' for help. 


They visit the temple and take a bath by applying holy ashes to cover their body and after that, they crush a chilly as a ritual performed in the temple on the grinding stone and this is known to have worked like magic to a lot of people. The businessmen who have suffered huge losses come to the temple and show their utmost devotion and seek blessings from the goddess.

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3. Legend Of The Masaniamman Temple


In the beautiful Anaimalai village, there lived a couple who loved each other. The wife conceived and refused to follow the Indian tradition of going to her maternal home for safe delivery. One day, she felt a need to go to the mother’s home and the couple then took a decision to travel to a village where a reputed midwife lived. 


The path to the village was covered with dense forests and there was no light on the way. While traveling, the lady got tired and asked her husband to find the midwife. He left and found the midwife’s place.


The midwife opened her door and got was surprised to see him. Then she narrated about the bad dream she had regarding a pregnant lad who came seeking her help. Immediately, the midwife with the other elderly villager’s and the pregnant lady’s husband left to find his wife in the forest. When they reached, they were traumatized to see the lady and her child being murdered brutally. 
Upon seeing the murder, the midwife illustrated her dream in which she had witnessed a demon chasing the pregnant lady. The lady starts to run and falls into a heap of cow dung and when the demon extends his hand to stop her from falling the woman takes the form of Goddess Parvati and slaughters the demon and becomes one with her. 


Every day, there come thousands of people from different place to pray to the Goddess Masani. People offer prayers from their heart to the goddess with great belief. The goddess here is known to solve the troubles and shower blessings on her devotees with great love. Devotees also confess their problems in front of the goddess and write their wishes on a piece of paper which is given to the temple priest for prayers.

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