The Definitive Guide To European Destinations

The Definitive Guide To European Destinations


Europe has long been a coveted destination for travellers. It has the charm of winter, and the beauty of nature. Also, Europe is rich in history, and has gone through numerous changes and challenges throughout generations. It's wonderment lies in the many museums, architectural grandeur, entertainment options, and more. If you are looking for an exciting Eurotrip of a lifetime, then bear in mind these destinations that must not be missed at any cost. Here we take a look at the best European destinations for the trip of a lifetime.  

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Here is a list for you - The Definitive Guide To European Destinations

1. Switzerland


Probably the first country that pops in our minds when we talk about Europe, Switzerland is a beauty like no other. The nation has long been the go-to place for skiing, and of course how can we forget Bollywood's love for its locations. The Alps will keep you thrilled, while it's ski resorts will bring you closer to luxury. Switzerland is also home to fondue, and chocolates of course! 

2. France


Why France? Simply because of Paris! The allure of Paris is quite something that cannot be overlooked. France of course has numerous other cities to visit. The countryside of Provence is a dreamt landscape that would engulf you, while the stylish seaside wonder Biarritz will give you all the reasons to never come back! 

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3. Italy


Fashion, lifestyle, art, Italy is the home of all things sophisticated. If you are into old buildings then Italy is the place for you. Come to Rome for an enormous love affair, stay a while at Naples to fall head over heels in love, sail away through the glorious waterway of Venice, or just take a hike in its countryside. Then there is Italian cuisine! Beautiful!

4. Finland


What's it like to be in the happiest nation in the world? Finland is all about time traveling to the beginning. Helsinki of course is its centre of attraction, but if you just step away from the road most taken, you will come to face glorious travel experiences. Finland has numerous lakes to keep you inspired, and it has the most intriguing midnight sun. What's it like in Finland you ask? Nothing short of magical we say.

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5. Austria


A nation with a rich historical past, this is where you come to if you are intrigued by World Wars. Vienna is all about palaces and opera, while Aldsten in Salsberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where baroque buildings still stand. Austria is also home to an erstwhile Nazi concentration camp that reminds us of the cruelty of war. You could also head to Lake Constance for an enchanting resort stay and to experience water sports. 

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