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The 15 Most Expensive Materials in the World

There are many materials available in the world that are rare and really expensive, here we provide you information of the most expensive, material of the world.

7. Plutonium

Plutonium is one of the expensive material that used by Nuclear power plants. It is difficult for this element comes into existence through natural processes. Plutonium is derived from uranium that cost$4,000 per gram.

8. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is also known as acid or LSD, this expensive material was discovered in Switzerland in 1938 by Albert Hoffman. This substance can create powerful hallucinations that can cause psychological and physical problems. One gram of this substance cost $3,000 per gram.

9. Cocaine

One of the most expensive materials is cocaine that cost around $215 per gram. This material is obtained from coca leaf from South America, it is highly addictive and expensive stimulated, and people have experienced negative side effects.

10. Heroin

Afghanistan is source of providing heroin, consumption of heroin is illegal because it is one of the most addictive and destructive drugs in the world. It has an adverse effect on the body; it is expensive as it costs around $130 per gram.

11. Rhino Horn

Rhino Horn is known as one drug that helps in curing cancer. The rhino horn is a precious resource in many countries of Asia. It is expensive and cost$110 per gram.

12. Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is important material that should be used to produce important drugs, but it illegal consumption leads to some serious health problem like anxiety, sleep deprivation, violent behavior, psychosis, paranoia. This material is expensive as cost around$100 per gram.

5. Taaffeite Stone

Taaffeite stone has been recently identified gemstone by its collectors; it is one of the rare gemstone and look attractive because of its colors that ranges from red to purple. This incredible gemstone is available for$20,000 per gram.

6. Painite

Painite is first discovered in 1950 in Burma, it is a rare mineral that features reddish, pinkesh or brown shade. Very few specimens are available of this Painite and it cost$9,000 per gram.

3. Diamond

Diamond is not a rare gemstone on earth, but they are the most expensive gemstone because of the beauty and value diamonds posseses. Some of the diamonds age 3.2 billion years, the diamonds cost $55,000 per gram.

4. Tritium

When cosmic radiation, combined deuterium or nitrogen atoms, produces hydrogen nucleus with two additional neutrons and creates Tritium. This shiny material cost $30,000 per gram that used to make expensive watches.

15. Gold

Every woman adores this material and it has very unique golden color that makes jewelry look rich. It reflects the wealth and prosperity of someone, it cost round $56 per gram.

13. Platinum

Platinum is another expensive material that has attractive silver-white in color. Like rhodium and gold, platinum jewelry is world famous and this metal is used in wiring, dentistry, engines, chemical reactions, and electrodes. It cost $60 per gram.

14. Rhodium

Rhodium is another silver-while material that makes beautiful jewelry, South Africa is the main source for this material, and it cost $58 per gram.

1. Antimatter

When we talk about most expensive substance, then antimatter is the winner. The technology that involved creating small amounts makes this material expensive. One gram of this material is available for $6.25 trillion.

2. Californium

Californium is discovered in 1950 in California, it is one of the rare earth metals on the planet that exceptionally toxic to most organic life. This metal is available for $27 million per gram. It helps in detection of material like platinum and moisture gauges.

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