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The 15 Most Expensive Materials in the World

There are many materials available in the world that are rare and really expensive, here we provide you information of the most expensive, material of the world.

1. Antimatter

When we talk about most expensive substance, then antimatter is the winner. The technology that involved creating small amounts makes this material expensive. One gram of this material is available for $6.25 trillion.

2. Californium

3. Diamond

Diamond is not a rare gemstone on earth, but they are the most expensive gemstone because of the beauty and value diamonds posseses. Some of the diamonds age 3.2 billion years, the diamonds cost $55,000 per gram.

5. Taaffeite Stone

Taaffeite stone has been recently identified gemstone by its collectors; it is one of the rare gemstone and look attractive because of its colors that ranges from red to purple. This incredible gemstone is available for$20,000 per gram.

6. Painite

Painite is first discovered in 1950 in Burma, it is a rare mineral that features reddish, pinkesh or brown shade. Very few specimens are available of this Painite and it cost$9,000 per gram.

8. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

10. Heroin

Afghanistan is source of providing heroin, consumption of heroin is illegal because it is one of the most addictive and destructive drugs in the world. It has an adverse effect on the body; it is expensive as it costs around $130 per gram.

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