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Tari Valley In Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a Neverland for people. Well, it is not that way as many assume it to be. This Neverland ensembles within itself some untold, unseen, unheard mysteries. Today we unfurl these mysterious from within. The Tari valley in Papua New Guinea is the home to the colurful Huli tribals of New Guinea and as a visitor one really thrills to be a part of such unmanned beauty.

Papua New Guinea in the truest sense is the last unfurled corner of this planet which practically remains untouched from the cravings of outer world.This place is also the last great land mass which remains a legend for the traveller. The tour begins from the Tari valley, home to the colourful Huli people where the rites to passage for young men is to grow their own human hair wig.Visitors are said to have arrived in Papua New Guinea only a little over a hundred years ago. Travelers are thrilled to see the untouched serene beauty of the New Guinea rainforests, the rugged mountains and the snaky coastlines filled with coral reefs. One just needs to take a riverboat ride and enthrall the daily life of the indigenous people of the Tari Valley.Initially entry to the interiors of the island was obstructed by thick jungles and razor sharp mountains. Credit goes to Taylor and Leahy brothers who were the first Europeans to interact with the highlanders and that also in the year 1933. Till date there are many places in Papua New Guinea which has remained untouched by humanity.To reach Papua New Guinea one has to first fly to Australia which is considered the main gateway. One can also reach Papua New Guinea via flights from Singapore and Manila. Once you reach port Moresby one can head towards the Tari valley.The Highlands of Tari valley is reckoned wprldwide by wigmen and their traditional Papuan culture. The highlands of Tari were thought to be un-inhabited until gold miners plunged up on the coast and to their surprise discovered 100000 people living the life of stone age style unaware of the outside world. The scenic beauty of the Tari valley countryside is dramatic especially when we take into account the lush green fertile valleys, numerous rivers and rugged mountain terrain. Tourists thrill the traditional costumes, the feather plumage wigs adorned by the tribal men of Tari valley men which are things to boast of for them, dancing and ceremonies, handicrafts, the intricately decorated bows and arrows, basketry.The flamboyant Huli Wigmen of the Tari Valley find a true bond entwined between them and the beautiful rare birds of Paradise of the Tari valley. Men decorate their hair with the plumage of the rare birds found only in New Guinea making them human wigs.Once in Tari valley one can get great views of the huts made of bush materials by the Taris. There is only one road reaching the highlands from the coast. Southern highlands where Tari valley is located is heaven and is a tribal wonderland. Tari valley is probably one of the few places on planet Earth where the traditional way of life is seen in everyday living. Ceremonial rituals are a part of the Tari tribals. It is because of all these never heard before locations, Tari Valley is considered to be a paradise concealed.

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