Tales Of Lakkundi

Tales Of Lakkundi

  Lakkundi is a tiny ancient hamlet in the Gadag district of Karnataka that is famous for its temples that are spread all over the village. It has more than 50 temples along with 29 inscriptions built during the periods of the Hoysalas, Chalukyas and many other dynasties. Let’s take a tour around some of the must-visit places of Lakkundi!   ⦁    The Nanneshwara Temple - It is an 11th-century temple built in the Kalyani Chalukya style of architecture. The temple has been made from soapstone and is built on a raised platform that offers it a towering view ideal for clicking pictures. The sanctum and the doorway that leads to the closed hall of the temple can be awe-inspiring.   ⦁    The Manikesvara Temple - It is another attraction of Lakkundi that drives tourists to it. Although the temple is not a huge one yet it has a stepped Kalyani or a water tank in it that is its main attraction. The rock carvings and inscriptions are also quite enthralling.    ⦁    The Kashivishvanatha Temple - Followers of Lord Shiva can have a great time at this temple has an imposing structure with an entrance on the southern and eastern side. The delicate carvings on the towers and the entrance doorway can be breathtaking for any photographer. You could get to see the visitors gaping in awe at the heavy circular complex pillars which is made with lathe during those times.   ⦁    Lakkundi Museum -Visit the Lakkundi Museum to see some astonishing artifacts after you are done visiting the temples. The museum houses many types of gold coins that were issued during the reign of different kings and various artworks that can make your visit worthwhile.    ⦁    Brahma Jinalaya Basadi - Lakkundi is highly revered by the Jain sect due to this Basadi and is certainly one of the major landmarks of this place. It is made of soft textured chlorite schist unlike the rest of the temples which are made of sandstone. A visit to this Jain temple is a must due to its intricate carvings and the massive five-storey Vimana   ⦁    Stepped wells – There are many stepped wells in Lakkundi and it can be a touristy attraction because they have small covered niches within the walls of the wells and have Shiva lingas in them. Some of the noteworthy wells include Musukina Bavi, Kanne Bavi, and the Chateer Bavi.   ⦁    The Mallikarjuna Temple - It is not as huge as the rest but it certainly has some thin elegant pillars in it that are a must-watch for all the visitors. The carvings are also worth noticing and the temple is peaceful and can transport you to a serene world.   ⦁    ECI Church - The ECI Church is yet another destination that you can enjoy visiting. If you are feeling a little soaked by visiting all the temples, take a detour of the place by visiting this old church that can be quite mesmeric and an ideal setting to click some really beautiful photographs.     Photographs are part of every travel and when you traverse through Lakkundi, you must certainly have a good DSLR camera to capture some of the beautiful views and the grandeur of the temples.   ⦁    The Virabhadara Temple - This temple has its own charm and has been quite distinctly made. Although it is not a huge structure yet it has a grace and purity that can be worth visiting. These are the places that you can certainly look forward to visiting on your trip to Lakkundi. Apart from them, there are always a lot of options when you are in this enticing location. Happy traveling!  

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