Take A Sip Of The Most Weird Drinks Of The World

Take A Sip Of The Most Weird Drinks Of The World

Do you love to get drowned in sea of surprisingly exotic drinks Bacardi or Johnny Walker ?. If yes, then this may be of your interest but beware the mentioned are just not any another alcoholic drinks.

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Here is a list for you - Take A Sip Of The Most Weird Drinks Of The World

1. Chicha


Chicha, commonly referred to as chicha de jora is a fermented drinks of Latin America. Incas is the origin of this special drink. The most popular drink of South America has recently seen decreased in demand but still countries like Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica are some hubs that prepare and consume it. Traditionally served in a vessel called Pilche, Chicha is prepared by chewing the corn and then spitting the mixture into a vat full of warm water. The chewed corn is then fermented for preparing a mildly alcoholic drink.

2. Kumis


Kumis is a fermented dairy beverage made from mare's milk. The drink is widely taken by people of Central Asia steppes, and is also famous amongst majority of Hungarian Tribes. The mare's milk is fermented for hours or days depending on the coagulation. But on account of scarcity of mare's milk, nowadays, cow's milk is heavily utilized by industrial-scale producers of Kumis. Similar to Chicha, Kumis is also a very old drink, which has low percentage of alcohol.

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3. Lizard wine

Lizard wine

Counted among the peculiar drinks, lizard wine is one of its kind and a famous wine in China. The wine is green-hued with brandy like appearance and taste . It is prepared by fermenting rice wine in a cask. Geckos and ginseng are the lizards added to the vat of fermented rice wine for the final preparation of the lizard wine. The concoction is then left for 12 months, after which it takes green color and the drink is ready. The wine obtained after a long duration of 12 months is beneficial in improving eye-sight and is also believed to provide protection against evil spirits.

4. Baby Mouse Wine

Baby Mouse Wine

Good for cold and liver problem, here is a cheap form of wine with the power to cure your illness. Baby mouse wine the very popular drink concoction in Korea and China is a handy treatment to many of your diseases. This particular wine is prepared by stuffing a bottle of rice wine with huge amount of 2-3 days old baby mouse and leaving the bottle for about an year. After an year a baby mouse wine is ready, which is an effective remedy for many of the common diseases. This wine is not only effective but a very reasonable solution for people undergoing major health problems.

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5. Snake drinks

Snake drinks

Along with the pleasure of drink, if you get to heal most of your illness then it is not a bad option. Snake drink provides an opportunity to enjoy the taste of drink and it also proves to be a best therapy for most of the human body related diseases including hair loss and impotence. This Snake drink is also a fantastic therapy for creating a warming sensation inside your body immediately after winters. In this way, it aids in preparing a human body for up coming spring and warm season. These drinks are most commonly found in South East Asian countries mainly Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and also in Japan and Korea.

6. Seagull Wine

Seagull Wine

Another unusual and exotic liquor is Seagull wine that is weirdest of all. The strangest sounding drink is very easily prepared by simply getting a dead Seagull and putting it inside the bottle followed by pouring water over it. After this the bottle is kept under sun for fermentation and the preparation is done. This extremely unique concoction is an Eskimos invention which is a productive medicinal therapy for several ailments.

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