Spectacular Hiking Trails in the Philippines

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Spectacular Hiking Trails in the Philippines

1. Mt. Daraitan 5.0 

Mt. Daraitan

It is a comparatively low difficulty trail that can easily be completed within three to four hours by a beginner provided all hiking details are followed properly. Mt. Daraitan is located in the middle of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges and is on the border of General Nakar, Quezon and Tanay. 


One can see the spotless river Tinipak on the way along with caves, green grasslands, and sufficient forest vegetation. The complete journey can be quite engrossing and full of adventure as small advancements will suddenly lead towards the cliff of the mountain and the view from there can be exhilarating. 

2. Mt. Batulao 5.0 

Mt. Batulao

It is a not-so-difficult hiking trail but is considered to be one of the best trekking trails in the Philippines in terms of gradient or arduousness as the walk can take a long time to reach the summit as there can be sufficient distance to cover. 


As a matter of fact, hikers may take around ten to eleven hours to complete the whole journey and that it can be quite challenging for some people. The trek is located in Nasugbu, Batangas and is certainly one of the best hiking trails in the country. Mt. Batulao has a certain shape and design and one can feel the intricate craft of nature while hiking here. 


Once a hiker is into the journey for around two to three hours, the uneven ridgeline can be visible nearer to the peak. Upon reaching the top, one can see a breathtaking view of Batangas City and all its nearby areas that can make a spectacular scene.  

3. Mt. Daguldol 5.0 

Mt. Daguldol

This hiking trail is also meant for beginners and mid-level hikers and all types of adventure enthusiasts as it can easily be completed within five to six hours. The journey starts from Hugom and passes through some very picturesque locations on the way. In fact, it is slightly different than any conventional mountain climbing as a climber can expect to get a dip in water along the way! The mountain is 670 meters over the sea level and the trail passes by a lot of streams. 


Adventure seekers can even deflect a bit from the trail to find waterfalls on the way and can take a dip and cool down for the onward journey. On reaching the summit, the mind-blowing view of Mindoro and Batangas can be awe-inspiring and highly gorgeous.

4. Mt. Pinatubo 5.0 

Mt. Pinatubo

The hiking trail has come up from the ashes of the volcanic eruption that took place in Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. Due to its steepness, this hiking trail can be best suited for mid-level climbers and about six hours can be enough to complete the whole journey. The trail is situated between the three states of Zambales, Pampanga, and Tarlac and passes through some mesmeric views enveloped by large rocks and thick lahar. Hikers can even get a chance to meet the authentic Aeta tribe who indigenously live here. 


Close to three hours of non-stop climbing can lead hikers to the place from where the crater can be seen in all its glory. It is generally filled with deep blue or blue-green water that depends on the part of the year in which the climb is undertaken. It is undoubtedly one of the best hiking trails in the country and that is why there is a clear affinity for it.

5. Mt. Pico De Loro 5.0 

Mt. Pico De Loro

It can be one of the toughest gradients to climb for any beginner but the mountain spot is also one of the best places near Manila for any climbing enthusiast. The steep climb to its peak and the tricky route to the monolith can test a mountaineer’s patience and stamina but once after reaching the top, anyone can be delighted to see the stunning view. The complete mountain trail can be completed within four to five hours.


We have seen here some of the best hiking trails that are available in the Philippines. Apart from them, there are also many more that can be enjoyed in the country.

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