Most Affordable Cities Of The World

Most Affordable Cities Of The World

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Here is a list for you - Most Affordable Cities Of The World

1. Mumbai (India)

Mumbai (India)

- Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra, the most populous city in India and 8th most populous in the world.
- As compared to other cities, if on a tight budget, one can get the best out of every dollar spent in Mumbai.
- The currency in Mumbai is the Indian Rupee and 100 INR equals 1.6 USD.
- Basic food items like breads and other necessities are available at much affordable prices- 0.91 USD for a loaf of bread as compared to 3.40 USD in Singapore.
- The petrol prices in the city may be high by Indian standards but still it costs 1.21 USD a liter as compared to 2.5 USD in Paris and various other developed economies.
- Hiring a cab in Mumbai is much cheaper as compared to other cities, at about 20 rupees per Kilometer or roughly 3 USD for a 10 Km ride.
- For under $1,000 [60,000 Indian rupees or 600 Pounds] a month, you can hire a staff of a cook, a housekeeper and a chauffeur.
- Due to high population density, housing is becoming prohibitively expensive and is deemed unaffordable by many : Standard rate is 85sqm for 65,500 rupees (660 Pounds or $1,105).


2. Kathmandu (Nepal)

Kathmandu (Nepal)

- Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal.
- It is the only Metropolitan City in the country.
- Kathmandu is the only major commercial city with important offices that control the country's economy.
- Famous for Pashmina shawls, exports, agriculture and tourism are the major contributors to Kathmandu's economy.
- Kathmandu is affordable in terms of food, transportation and living.
- The currency Nepalese Rupee (NR) has an exchange rate of 1000NR for 9.9 USD.
- With a very cheap currency-Nepal Rupee (NR), a full restaurant lunch costs about 385 NR or 4USD.
- A decently sized house can be rented at 34,000 NR a month, rent for a 85sqm house is particularly affordable.
- Living by the standards of a local, the cost of living is affordable and much cheaper as compared to most other countries, however one can spend more and enjoy comforts like western food, and high end restaurants if he so desires.

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3. Panama City (Panama)

Panama City (Panama)

- Panama city boasts of the fastest growing economy in the otherwise economically challenged Latin American region.
- Keeping the expats in mind, several new restaurants and real estate projects have been developed and the prices are in control due to heavy competition.
- The currency in Panama is the US Dollar but is called the Balboa.
- Cheap taxis and public transport-costing 25 cents make commute easy and inexpensive.
- One can easily afford renting a 85sqm house at 2500 USD.

4. Bucharest (Romania)

Bucharest (Romania)

- Bucharest is the capital of Romania and has developed into an important commercial hub.
- Once known as "Little Paris", due to the French influence in its architecture and grand boulevards.
- Its landscape has a mix of old communist architecture and modern European architecture.
- The currency used is the Romanian Leu and 10 Leu equal 2.6 USD.
- The housing and food costs in Bucharest are much cheaper than other European countries.
- A meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs about 20 lei or 5 USD.
- Housing costs 80% less than London (about 2,832 lei, $873 or 521 Pounds, for a 85sqm space), and monthly public transportation costs 90% less than London (56 lei for a monthly ticket, vs $1.85 or 10 Pounds).

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5. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

- Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia.
- People travelling to Mecca land in Jeddah before continuing their journey.
- Majorly a port city, making it a major international commercial hub.
- The lifestyle of the city is dictated by the Shari'ah law.
- The currency of transaction in Jeddah is Saudi Riyal (SAR).
- 10 SAR equals 2.7 USD.
- Gasoline prices are some of the world's lowest in the world, costing just 0.50 riyal ($0.15 or 0.08 Pounds) for a litre of gas (compared to $1.05 in New York City). Housing and food also come cheap: rent costs 3,797 riyal ($1,012 or 601 Pounds) for 85sqm and bread costs 2.24 riyal ($0.60 or 0.35 Pounds).
- Travelers can also take advantage of cheap flights to nearby destinations too: roundtrip airfare to cities like Dubai and Cairo can be booked for less than 1,200 riyal ($300 or 190 Pounds).

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