Less Visited Monuments in Europe 

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Less Visited Monuments in Europe


As a continent, Europe has seen a large part of the history being created by some of the most ardent names that have ever happened in the history of mankind. Along with them, there are also some important landmarks that are popular worldwide due to their known historical legacies. However, there are also some other lesser known landmarks that have not been widely publicized but their contribution cannot be decried in any way than their better-known compatriots. Hence, in the following paragraphs, we take a look at some of the lesser known monuments of Europe and enumerate some reasons why visiting them can be a perfect idea during the coming holiday season. 

Rummu Underwater Prison


Adventure seeking tourists can surely get a peek of the flooded cells of this prison and get to know how inmates may have spent their lives here when the lockup was in operation. A small part of the prison is visible above the waters while a majority of it is under it. Till 1991, it was an active detention center run by the Russians in the midst of a limestone quarry. After the Russians left the country, previously pumped-out water was allowed to move in the quarry submerging most parts of the building. As on date, it is a hotspot amongst many eager visitors who want to have a look at its submerged cells and can make a wonderful Estonian experience, fairly different from any other type!

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This small village in the Lot region of France is known for its breathtaking beauty. The village is set up against a stiff limestone hill with a picturesque valley just in front of it. It can be the ideal European treasure trove due to its immaculate setting. This southern village of France can only be accessed through the Figuier Gate and is a very popular destination locally due to its many religious sites. It also offers some elegant medieval architecture buildings and the goat cheese of the area can be simply delicious for any guest. 

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Hospital de Sant Pau


If an architecture-enthusiast tourist is in Barcelona, not visiting the Hospital de Sant Pau can be considered to be a sin! Just a plain glance at the structure can help in identifying the enormity and scale of the building that has been designed to absolute perfection. It can simply be called a tribute to the Catalan period. The architect of this building, Lluis Domenech I Montaner planned everything in the most precise way including the sparkling sculptures and the beautiful gardens those have been retained in the most proper fashion till today.

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Wotruba Church


This gem of a masterpiece in Vienna was designed by the visionary architect, Fritz Wotruba in 1974 but he could not see his creation take shape as he died within a year after conceptualizing it. The building became a reality after many years of his death. It looks something straight out of a sci-fi thriller and has been made on a hillock overlooking the city. On a first look, it may seem as if blocks have placed in a haphazard manner over each other so that a building has taken shape out of nothing. 

But on closely analyzing the structure, one can see the meticulous approach that was adopted by the sculptor. Moreover, it defies the shape of a church in all absolute terms!

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Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse


This breathtaking lighthouse on the western coast of Denmark was built as early as 1889 and since then, it is standing firm in spite of all the odds. The alluring North Sea can be seen from the tower in the most beautiful way and on a clear day, many locals can be seen teaming up there to get an unhindered view. The lighthouse is 60-meters above sea level and forms an important part of the local folklore. However, it is widely believed that due to coastal erosion that is happening here at about an alarming rate of 1.5 meter per year, the complete structure can be washed away within the next 10 to 15 years. So, before it's gone, pack your bags and have a glance on this majestic lighthouse to live its royalty! 

All these monuments and landmarks have their own slice of history that can be quite interesting to know. However, the best thing in all of them is that they remind us that people may come or go but legacies live for a long time and that is what must be celebrated by visiting them. 

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