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Invigorating Solo Trips From Delhi You Should Add To Your Bucket List Right Away!

01 May 2023 05:58 PM
Invigorating Solo Trips From Delhi You Should Add To Your Bucket List Right Away!

It’s not only difficult but extremely confusing to decide where to go for a solo trip in India. This is mainly because most of the places are either too crowded or sometimes unsafe. However, we have found a few locations that will definitely be fit for your next solo vacation!

These locations aren’t just safe but they are popular for their own beauty and charm as well. For solo travellers particularly, these places are more than just tourist destinations because there are a plethora of possibilities to make memories or new friends here.

To know more about the best places near Delhi for weekend solo travel, keep reading!

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1. Lansdowne 280.4 km

Lansdowne is surely one of the greatest places near Delhi for solo trip! From the breathtaking view to nature’s beauty, everything peaceful can be found here. Not just that but it’s the home to many cantonment areas as well. A refreshing hike in the oak and pine forests of Lansdowne can brighten up your mood to a great extent! This location is perfect for nature lovers.

  • Experiences Not To Miss: Natural beauty and aura of the place
  • Things To Do: Hiking in oak and pine forests
  • Best Time To Visit: Autumn to Winter

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2. Kasol 571.1 km

An exciting solo trip from Delhi to Kasol can make your experience and discover many new things! You won’t feel that far away from home here because of the nice and compassionate people and loads of extraordinary food. The people here won’t make you feel away from home because of their heartfelt nature and hospitable behaviour! Foodies and active people will love this location.

  • Experiences Not To Miss:Roaring rivers of Kasol
  • Things To Do:Trying different foods, Hiking
  • Best Time To Visit:Winter

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3. Alwar 166.6 km

Alwar 166.6 km

Alwar can be considered one of the weekend getaways near Delhi for solo budget travellers. If you’re someone who loves rich history and culture, then Alwar would be the most appropriate location for you. The fort at Alwar is known for its beautiful architecture and people usually visit to admire the art and architecture of the building.Alwar’s milk cake is extremely famous as well.

  • Experiences Not To Miss:Alwar’s famous milk cake
  • Things To Do:Admiring the architecture at Fort Alwar
  • Best Time To Visit:Any time of the year


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4. Agra 242.9 km

Agra 242.9 km

If you have a lot of time free on your hands, then a solo trip from Delhi just wouldn’t be the same without visiting Agra first. The home to the infamous Taj Mahal and many other attractions, it’s one of the widely popular locations to visit! Apart from the infamous Taj Mahal, people often visit the Agra fort as well. The rich architecture and amazing sculptures inside the fort will be every art enthusiast’s dream!

  • Experiences Not To Miss:Visiting the Taj Mahal
  • Things To Do:Visiting Agra Fort, Trying the city’s famous snacks and delectables
  • Best Time To Visit:Summer and Winter

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5. Naukuchiatal 317 km

Naukuchiatal 317 km

With multiple wildlife sanctuaries and insect museums, Naukuchiatal is amazing for those who love nature, beauty and everything in between! Moreover, there are multiple amazing lakes too which are meant to provide peace and fun simultaneously! Not just that, but there’s a butterfly museum as well which has innumerable types of different species of insects and their specifications. As the name suggests, boating is popular here.

  • Experiences Not To Miss:The butterfly museum
  • Things To Do:Visiting wildlife sanctuaries, boating
  • Best Time To Visit:Winter


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6. Mandawa 256 km

Mandawa 256 km

Art lovers are going to be absolutely star-struck with Mandawa because of all the experiences regarding the rich history of the place. This includes the ancient architecture, paintings and several beautiful murals displayed in the fort. A long walk during the spring here is actually very pleasant so it’s better to come in the transitional months here. This is one of the safest locations as well.

  • Experiences Not To Miss:Admiring the art
  • Things To Do:Visiting historic places and murals
  • Best Time To Visit:Spring to Summer


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7. Bir 547.4 km

Bir 547.4 km

Bir is most definitely an appropriate place for someone who wants to leave the daily hassle and stresses to find peace and a calming environment. Bir is full of serene temples that offer a ton of calming services which are proven to make a person less aggressive in day-to-day life. You can even meditate in some of the monasteries with everyone else present as a guided session or do your own session in a more private corner somewhere around the place. Bir is also known as the “paragliding Capital” of India!

  • Experiences Not To Miss:Paragliding
  • Things To Do:Meditating in the monasteries
  • Best Time To Visit:Autumn to Winter


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8. Mussoorie 272.6 km

Mussoorie 272.6 km

A highly popular destination that has won the hearts of many visitors is Mussoorie. With a ton of activities to do and budget-friendly expenditure, this location is absolutely impeccable for solo travelling! Mussoorie is probably one of the most fun places to travel solo because you’ll never get bored here. From some rare nightclubs to the infamous Mall Road, there is a lot to do in a day! Solo travellers prefer Mussoorie because of its charm.

  • Experiences Not To Miss:Visiting the mall road
  • Things To Do:Trying New Food, Discovering nightclubs
  • Best Time To Visit:Winter


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9. Mathura 183 km

Mathura 183 km

If you’re someone who is heavily into spirituality, then you would love the entire experience in Mathura because there are innumerable shrines, monasteries and temples here that can offer peace, silence, serenity and other delightful emotions. A different kind of energy can be sensed in these shrines and temples, especially during the festivities!

  • Experiences Not To Miss:Trying Mathura peda
  • Things To Do:Visiting shrines and temples, Meditation
  • Best Time To Visit:During the festivities and occasions


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10. McLeod Ganj 532.4 km

McLeod Ganj 532.4 km
  • The primal reason McLeod Ganj is so popular and people keep visiting here is because it is the home to the 14th Dalai Lama of the Buddhists. Lama Tenzin Gyatso came here around 1960. McLeod Ganj is widely known to be a sort of spiritual getaway to get your senses in the right place away from all the external or internal stressors. The food here is famous for being extraordinarily flavourful!
  • Experiences Not To Miss:Visiting the spiritual places
  • Things To Do:Trying new food including Thukpa, Kimbap and Tibetan noodles
  • Best Time To Visit:Autumn and Winter


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11. FAQs

  1. Which place is best for a solo trip near Delhi?

Everything regarding the destination depends highly on your personal preferences. For instance, if you’re a nature lover, you might enjoy a trip to the Kasol but if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy cold weather, then it might not be the best idea.


Similarly, if you enjoy new discoveries and adventures, Rishikesh could be the perfect location for you but if you’re someone who enjoys peace and silence, then a temple or meditation session at Bir would be recommended.


  1. What could be some solo trip options near Delhi for a girl?

When it comes to the best solo trip options for girls, Mussoorie, Bir, McLeod Ganj and Kasol are the most popular ones. This is particularly because these locations are usually filled with tourists who come with their families so it is a safer environment.


However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay alert and vigilant at all times because sometimes unexpected things can take place quickly enough. You don’t need to be stressed about this on your whole trip either because the chances are that you’ll probably end up making new friends!


  1. What are some safety precautions while travelling alone?

Travelling solo can be quite different from travelling with some company in many different aspects. One of these factors is the safety of your belongings and yourself. It is recommended to keep an eye out for everything that’s going on and not get too diverted.


Moreover, all of the health guidelines are still being followed. Hence, don’t forget to carry a mask and hand sanitiser with you at all times. This is crucial because you wouldn’t want anything to hamper your health while you’re in someplace new where it’s hard to find acquaintances.


  1. What should I pack for a solo trip?

If there is one tip you should remember about travelling solo, it is to pack light. If you pack a lot of unnecessary things with you, it’ll be difficult to carry the entire luggage all by yourself. To prevent that hassle, just go with the supplies and things that are absolutely necessary.


You need to pack some things that can be used for emergencies as well but don’t pack too much or else, you’ll end up overfilling your bags. Make sure to form a checklist with all the necessities in it so it makes it easier for you to not forget anything.

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