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India,s Most Romantic Places For A Perfect Date Night

India is a perfect land which is full of tradition and culture. This place also has a romantic aura which is perfect for date night. There are certain places which will make a perfect atmosphere for you and your soulmate. Given below is the list of those romantic destinations.

The city of palaces is a perfect place for romance and royalty. You will certainly experience a lot of destination weddings, honeymoon couples at this place because this land is mesmerizing.
How to Reach- You can take a flight to this amazing land or you can go by road. The journey by car will be a wonderful one as it has a lot of scenic beauty.
Where to Stay- There are a number of resorts and hotels where you can shave a comfortable and luxurious stay.
Approximate Cost- The trip will cost around Rs 50000- 60000 for two people.

The land of houseboats in Kerala is spectacular. Staying in the houseboat with water all around is a great feeling. You will be treated like a king on the houseboat and you can enjoy the lavish time.
How to Reach- You can take a flight to Kerala or go by train to this place.
Where to Stay- Going to Alleppey is not complete if you don’t stay in a houseboat. So better make an advance booking for this trip.
Approximate Cost- The trip will cost around Rs 70000- 80000 for two people but this trip will be a memory to cherish.

Agra is the symbol of love as it has Taj Mahal which is among the seven wonders. This monument was made by Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz. So this city has the most romantic aura.
How To reach-You can travel by the Expressway which is well constructed or you can take a flight to this place?
Where to Stay- Agra has a number of hotels and resorts. You can stay there and have the most comfortable stay.
Approximate Cost- The trip will cost around Rs 40000-50000 for two people.

This hill station has a perfect ambiance. This Himalayan mountain is great as you can stay in the resorts which are full of green surroundings and relax there.
How to Reach- You can take a flight to Kullu and from there take a cab for Manali. You can even go by road as a number of buses go daily to this place.
Approximate Cost- The cost of a trip to this land will be around Rs 30000-40000 for two people.

The city of sand is worth visiting for the lovers. It has a spectacular view plus they provide great hospitality to the visitors.
How to Reach- The nearest domestic airport is at Jodhpur. From there you can go by cab
Where to Stay- You can take the resort which helps you to experience a stay in the desert region.
Approximate Cost- The trip for two people to this place will cost around Rs 60000.
Thus these are some of the places in India which will provide you with a romantic atmosphere.

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