Hyderabad Travelogues and travel stories – Cultural Trip

Hyderabad Travelogues and travel stories – Cultural Trip Hyderabad Travelogues and travel stories – Cultural Trip

The city of Nizams keeps a very special place amongst the historical places in the south-central region of the country. This is the capital of Telangana state which earlier used to be in Andra Pradesh however post the formation of Telangana state it became capital of new the state in June 2014. Hyderabad is a lively city and it is full of richness in terms of history and culture. The old city is Hyderabad is the major tourist attraction as it holding the majority of the monuments. Also, the world-famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Haleem, double ka Meetha are some of the best dishes come from the kitchen of the city. Along with history, the city offers a closeness to nature with national parks, lakes, and other beautiful gardens and landscapes.

I m sure everyone must have tasted the Biryani at some point of time as it is quite common and normally available on the menu of all the restaurants. I also tried from a nearby restaurant however there was inner wish to taste the authentic Hyderabadi taste not only for Biryani but all the famous items from the Hyderabadi kitchen. Apart from this, I heard a lot about the history of the place and old monuments like Charminar, Golconda Fort which gives a scenic view of the city, tombs, museums. The best part was my children vacations was about to start in few days. You know how they behave the entire bacha party was after my life to go take them on tour. I finally decided that Hyderabad is my next destination. I applied for leaves the next morning in my office. Next step was to get hold of a reliable travel agent to get the bookings done quickly. I reached out and explained my plans for the trip and the agents assured me to get the best arrangements. Now, we started packing our bags as we didn't want to miss any important item due to last-minute hurry. The best way of doing packing is you prepare a list of what are the essentials and then keep on checking the items as per the list. I took my shoes with some extra grip, as the place is a little hot and humid so we kept lighter clothes especially the shirts. Packed the DSLR, power bank, charger, torch, shades, umbrella and some basic medicines. Everything was set the booking was done and we were all geared up to travel the next morning.

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Here is a list for you - Hyderabad Travelogues and travel stories – Cultural Trip

1. Head Start to the Tour

We wanted to utilize the entire first day as well so we took an early flight and reached the airport. The chauffeur met us at the arrivals and he dropped us at the hotel to get comfortable and then pick us back at 9 am. We were all super excited about our first visit to the identity of Hyderabad - Charminar. It is situated in the heart of the city in the central Hyderabad. This 15th-century marvel was constructed as a mark of setting up the city free from the epidemic plague. The structure is mesmerizing with four minarets at each corner and in between walls with windows and stunning architecture. This was certainly a fine art of work depicted, we were truly amazed. Next, we moved to the Chowmahallat Palace which was home to the rulers of Hyderabad - the Nizams. After watching this monument I was sure that the Nizams were great admirers of the traditional Nakashi and architecture. Once you enter the premises you can see the tombs from inside which reflects great use of colours. It has four major palaces which are within the entire structure, the designs on the windows, doors and walls are breathtaking. We took some sharp clicks admiring the overall art of this place. Then, we moved to the famous Salar Jung Museum and once we reached we came to know why this museum is considered one of the best in the entire country. This is certainly huge in terms of items they were showcasing over 50000 displays and with 3 buildings. I was surprised to see the artefacts related to the earliest rulers of Nirams empire. We took some pictures of the amazing swords, shields with designs, vessels, and other artefacts. there was a statue of Veiled Rebecca made of Italian marble was just spectacular. It was about lunchtime so I told our driver to take us to the nearby restaurant. We went to a decent eating joint and the thing I was waiting for, placed an order for Hyderabadi Dum Biryani with Mirchi ka Salan. When the waiter brought that amazing dish we could feel the aroma in the air it was just superb. We thoroughly enjoyed the aromatic and flavourful Biryani along with tangy, spicy Salan. Oh, it was truly a content meal both in terms of our appetite and taste. We head to the Lumbini Park near to the Hussain Sagar Lake and we took the cruise to take us to this splendid park. The park was quite amazing with people spending time in the greenery, we took some rest while admiring the artificial waterfalls, the floral clock, and awesome dancing musical fountains. Also, as we reached at the right time watched the awe-struck laser show which I can guarantee must be among the best in the country with a combination of lights, music and water were mesmerizing. The with help of the boat on the beautiful Hussain Sagar lake we reached to the middle to the Buddha statue. The statue is huge with 72 ft and its carving which is done is just too good. We were in the middle of this platform and water all around us, I can't explain the feeling in words. One can feel the coolness in the air due to the aquatic presence. I felt this was the best place to meditate, so I sat and closed my eyes to feel the inner self. I felt like the top of the world and you should try to meditate once you reach there. After this long day, we went back to the hotel to stay overnight.

2. Glamorous Day at the Film City

This day was planned a little early so we woke up in the early morning and get ready for an enlightening day at the city of Nizams. First, we head to the spiritual Sanghi Temple situated on the hill of Paramanand Giri. The temple which is made out of white marble, to us it appeared as pure and white as milk. It was a picturesque moment capture and the environment was soothing. The temple was built quite tall around 15 ft and typical architecture of South Indian carvings. We prayed to the gods and sat there for some time. Also, forgot to mention about a Holi garden within the temple premises which is a source for unique trees and flowers used to offer to gods.

Our rest of the day was planned at the famous Ramoji Film City which is home to Tollywood movies along with few Bollywood movies filmed at this place. This is also the world's largest film studio complex in the world as certified by the Guinness world records. While we were entering the film city the view was breathtaking lush green all around. Then went for the rides and recreational activities which was fun. Now, it was time to visit the various sections within the premises only like various beautiful plants we found in the Japanese Garden, Sun Fountain, Eureka, Angel's Fountain, Princess Street, Jail, Airport, Railway Station, Temple, Film World, Gardens, and Ramoji Tower. This place was full of attractions with so much to offer that every place was a wow moment for us. Each of these things is used showcased within the movies. We also found an artificial waterfall showed in Bahubali film, a pool, a bazaar, Ajanta and Alora caves, villages created for south and north styling. The visit to the Ramoji Tower was breathtaking as we could take an aerial view of the film city with the one of its kind 4D virtual reality experience was unimaginable. We also saw the shooting for a south Indian movie for some time before finally heading back to our hotel.

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3. Day to admire the heritage

After enjoying a toothsome breakfast our first destination was Golconda Fort. This amazing fort was built long back in the 13th century and afterwards got strengthened and restructure multiple times. Last it was maintained by the Mughal rulers and post them it was left in ruins. Once we reached the top of the marvellous structure we had a scenic view of the entire city around this place. The architecture was beautiful around in the entry gates and in the main building where the rulers used to rest. There were total 8 doors however the Fateh Darwaza was huge and had awesome carving on the wood. The place is nicely preserved and developed by the government as well, we went to the botanical garden to take some fresh air. They also have a sound and light show which happens in the evening which showcases the past of the fort. Now, we next moved to the Qutub Shahi Tombs which are the burial ground for the 7 kings of Qutub Shahi dynasty. These superb tombs were built during the presence of Qutub shahis only. We liked the architecture work said to have done by Pathan, Persian, and Hindu styles. The designs carved on the structures were a beautiful piece of art, now we know why Hyderabad is known for such rich history. Even the burial buildings were so finely maintained and designed. The entire area was surrounded by gardens and the entire greenery was an add on to our experience. By the evening we reached the soothing Birla Temple situated in the middle of the city. The height of the temple was stunning around 280 ft as it is situated on the hills. The use of sharp south Indian temple architecture was adding charm to this holy temple. There were a number of sub-temples apart from the main shrine of consorts of Lord Venkateshwara such as Lord Shiva, Lord Bhrama, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakhsmi, and Sai Baba. Our experience at this last resort for the trip was truly amazing and all of us felt content post visiting the divine temple. Afterwards, we moved to the hotel to do the packing as next morning we were to depart for the home city.

4. Adiós Hyderabad

Today the tour was ending, so quickly wrapped up the things and took our breakfast at the hotel. Then, our driver took us to India's largest Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. I would rate this trip among the best ones and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and as every good thing come to an end today we were going back home. This tour was full of historical and cultural experience along with enjoyable Hyderabadi people and cuisine.

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