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How to Travel Anywhere with a carry-on bag

Travelling with lesser luggage is a challenge indeed. Especially, if you are moving for a foreign tour and that again with your family. Following tips may help you to minimize the weight of your luggage.
1. Know the carry on rules
It applies on those who are planning for an overseas tour. Some countries may have strict rules regarding carry-on luggage. Number of online portals is there to check the rules and regulations of different airlines. You can get the info about which bag is appropriate for which airline.
2. Put things in perspective

Take only those things which are not to miss. Earlier people were used to keep shaving kits, small crystal jars and ivory boxes, but now days maximum things are available in pouch and trial pack. Make a list of that.

3. Choose a capacious carry

on Today people are not fond of leather bags. Instead of that, different designer bags are available now days with enough space inside. There are some flexible bags to fit your things properly. Go for those only. Set the clothes properly to accommodate more. If you need to create compartments inside, you can use some plastic bags.

4. Limit the liquids

Limit the liquids of your everyday use. Men may use shaving oil instead of bulk of shaving products. Women can keep their shampoos and other bath products at home. Let use some pouches available in the market. Or you can take help of hotel also. 5. One pair of shoes 
Keep one extra pair of shoes other than one you are wearing for your journey. Keep a pair of sneakers & Flip Flops for comfort.

6. Clothes to protect against adversity

If your tour is going to cover different weather like extreme heat or cold, it may not suite you properly. Keep one piece full sleeve shirt, two camisoles, two tank tops and one cardigan to be used in different ways.

7. Pack Carefully

Pack your shirts and socks properly at right place. You can role 3 or 4 shirts together to protect them from getting wrinkled. Put your socks inside the shoes. Use all the pockets available there in your suitcase. Put your jeans and other heavy clothes at the top. It will keep safe your soft luggage.

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