Grab A Heady Mix Of Religion Art And Shopping In Bhuvaneshwar

Grab A Heady Mix Of Religion Art And Shopping In Bhuvaneshwar

  Recently Bhuvaneshwar has gained a lot of popularity among tourist for its temples, tussar silk, archaeological sites traditional paintings and many more. We have tried to list some of the famous spots in the city you can enjoy while you plan a trip to the city. So, get ready and put their places on your checklist to make sure that nothing is missed out.   

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Here is a list for you - Grab A Heady Mix Of Religion Art And Shopping In Bhuvaneshwar

1. Lingraja Temple

Lingraja Temple


Also known as Tribhuvaneshwar this archeological beauty was built in 17th century by the Kalinga rulers this temple has an intricate craving all over around. A must visit the place this temple pays homage to deity Lord Shiva. Inside the premises of the temple, you will find small multiple temples offered to other gods too, sit back and relax in the holy tunes in the garb of the temple. One has to remove leather purses and belts before entering the temple.

2. Dhaulagiri Hills

Dhaulagiri Hills


Famous for its Buddhist culture, Dhaulagiri has a stupa built with the collaboration of Japanese which is peaceful over the top of hill piece of art. This place holds a historical significance as it marks the end of the great Kalinga war and starting of Buddhism religion Asoka’s life. You can also enjoy the birds eye of view of beautiful lilted Bhuvaneshwar city in the night. But be careful of monkeys!

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3. Ratnagiri

<a href='' class=''>Ratnagiri</a>


This is an archeological excavation site located in the hilltop. This place has a complex where you may find multiple sculptures mostly dating back to the seventeen and eighteen century and depicting the day to day life of Lord Buddha. You will not find much crowd around and can enjoy the tranquility of this historical extravaganza.

4. Kandhagiri Caves

Kandhagiri Caves


This cave should be visited along with Udayagiri caves as they both are considered as twin sister caves. Both these caves are well maintained by archeological survey of mind and have beautiful view once you reach the hilltop. Kandhagiri has small 15 caves whereas Udaigiri has 17 caves which can be explored at the nominal charge of fifteen rupees

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5. Ekamra Haat

Ekamra Haat


Located in the center of the city, this shopping village is an apt place to shop for authentic Odisa handicrafts and traditional Oriya jewelry. One can easily find hand-made items like Chitrakala, sand art, famous Sambalpuri weave saree, stone carvings, old metal items which are best for souvenir collection. The look and the aura of the market are very vibrant, making it a great place to hang out while in the city. You can also check out the food stalls offering the lip-smacking Oriya food and sweet dishes.

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