Did You Know About The Ghost Town Of Dhanushkodi

Did You Know About The Ghost Town Of Dhanushkodi


Experiencing something spooky and strange can be exciting, adventurous and at the same time scary as well isn’t it? There are many such places which are being labeled as haunted yet get frequent visitors stopping by to admire the beauty that these places offer. Dhanushkodi, the ghost town is one such place which can make you feel the numbness in your feet. Come on! Let’s read more about this town!


The Dhanushkodi is a ghost town which finds its place on the South-Eastern top of Pamban Island, Tamil Nadu. In 1964, the Rameshwaram cyclone destroyed the Dhanushkodi town. Before the destruction, the town was a major tourist attraction port which had a post office, a temple, and a church which have turned into remains now. 

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Here is a list for you - Did You Know About The Ghost Town Of Dhanushkodi

1. Dhanushkodi Was Once A Famous Tourist Attraction Site


Nowadays, there are a lot of tourists and travelers who are extremely excited to explore the historic moments of this town and this place attracts a lot of riders. Well, as per the epic Ramayana; this is the place where the bridge was constructed from India to Sri Lanka by Lord Hanuman upon the instructions of Sri Ram to rescue Sita. The bridge is about 20 km away from Rameshwaram and 31 Km away from Sri Lanka.

2. Why Is It Now Called The Ghost Town


This was one of the busiest ports in the world before the disastrous cyclone incidence. The beautiful town lost its charm and turned into a ghost town after the most severe incident that took place 54 years ago. 


Way back in 1964, a massive cyclone that hit the town consumed the lives of residents leaving the place in utmost devastation and also there have been some spooky events which have taken place with some of the travelers here making it all the scarier and haunted. The curious travelers still visit the place to explore the remains of this place and of course, come back with tales to remember. 

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3. Things That You Find In This Town At Present


Rameshwaram is the only resort to find some shelter if you are planning for a visit to this town to quench your desire of visiting a haunted place. Now, the place is really an unsafe one for the swimmers. You get to explore the remains of the churches and of course, the beach has been restricted to swimming as it seems to be unsafe. 

4. How To Reach Dhanushkodi


Rameshwaram is the only nearest railway station available for at the moment and this is the only way to reach Dhanushkodi. However, a lot of people prefer to ride to this place. You could also choose to drive down but the evenings and nights are to be spent at Rameshwaram only as are many accommodations available at Rameshwaram. There are several trains from the all the major cities to the temple town of Rameshwaram.


Strict regulations by the government bodies have been taken and the entry has been restricted to 5 PM to the town of Dhanushkodi town.  The only attraction here is the pristine beach where one can sit and feel the moments of the devastation caused by the cyclone turning the most beautiful city then into a “Ghost Town” now.

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