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Cruising In The Best Whale Watching Destinations

Cruising In The Best Whale Watching Destinations

The sea has always been a matter of curiosity and wonder for the human being since time immemorial. The sailors, the merchants, the treasure hunters and even the pirates carry a very different aura and taste about themselves. They are not usually seen in context of the general mass and occupies a very fantasy filled part of our psyche. Speaking of the sea and not mentioning its spell over the writers, musicians and artists- simply can't be! Be it a Jules Verne or Ernest Hemingway, Cast Away (the prolific Tom Hanks masterpiece) or The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (remember the witty and smart Jack Sparrow?)- all of them has the sea as their setting. Leaving aside these artistic representations of the sea, it has a magnetic effect on the travelers as well. Some likes to enjoy a beach outing, some prefers a cruise vacation and some goes for diving or surfing. But another very interesting activity that invites tourists from every corner of the world is a one of a kind session of whale watching. Being the largest animal on the earth, whales are never in short of human curiosity and enthusiasm. Stated below are some of the best of whale watching destinations where you can see these gigantic but cute mammals in their natural atmosphere.

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1. Kaikoura

A small town and a well known eco-tourism hub, Kaikoura is a whale paradise as a traveler can view numerous kinds of whales at different period of the year. Basically favored by the sperm whales, you can see herds of Orca whales between December and March, Humpbacks visit it from June to July.

2. San Diego Bay

Visit the San Diego during December and March as this part of the sea is a happy swimming zone for the Gray whales. The Cabrillo National Monument is a conducive place for the activity and you can take a cruise trip to it to see the whales from a close quarter.

3. Hermanus

The very name explains it all! The whales are in plenty here sharing water with the Gray ones in the spring and summer seasons.It is a rare delight to see the whales clinging on to the coastline bays and caves trying hard to save their babies. One can see them from the shores itself.The best season to visit this place is from August to November.

4. Hawaii

While enjoying a pensive vacation in this ideal sea holiday destination, you will come to know about the popularity of the Humpback whales. The reason being the fact that this majestic creature crowd the shores of Hawaii during late November to the middle of April when they migrate from the Pacific. The crystal clear sea water with awesome visibility makes it a haven for whale watchers. 

5. Quebec

Don't miss out on having a once in a life time opportunity to have a glimpse of the rare North Atlantic right whale in Quebec. Another kind called the Beluga whales, famous for their pattern of swimming with the head popping out of the sea level also visit this place quite frequently.

6. Dominica

Almost all the islands in the Caribbean offer whale watching tours, but Dominica has been crowned with the title of Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean. Hire a whale watching vessel and get ready to see a bevy of beautiful whales like the Pigmy, Sperm and the Killer whales.

7. Azores

After tasting the raw flavor that Portugal is known for and partying hard under the sun, time to head to the sea where you can see whales migrating to the Azores waters. The main kinds visible are Sperm, Humpback, Gray and the great Blue whales. In fact one can find a lot many different species short finned whales, pilot whales that are spotted here on a regular basis. Mother Nature was very much generous when she conspired to create her largest living masterpiece and we as human beings have the opportunity to see them in real in these destinations. Time to visit them to be a part of something very special.

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