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Cities in US where you can drink on streets

Cities in US where you can drink on streets


We all love to drink, right? But sometimes it gets too heavy on the pockets to be able to afford the bars to indulge in good drinks. How fun would it be if if could just grab a bottle of beer and enjoy the fun time with our besties while having the street food. Sounds fun, right? But practically impossible?

Who drinks on streets?

We Americans do. Yes you heard it right. Here we come up with few of the places in US which allows you to drink on streets publically. So if you are looking for a chilled out place where you don’t have to think twice before splashing some alcohol on roads here is where you need to head to 

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1. Butte


It’s easy to pop open the bottles between 2 to 8 am. However doesn’t sound very cool because that’s not the time when we party. But if you are a night owl then probably you can enjoy this happy hour.

2. The power and the light district of Kansas City


Not just is a great place for shopping and entertainment, if you are someone near the power and the light district you can pop up the bottles and enjoy an evening with beer. It’s a fun area to hand out in and chill with your friends. Definitely a must visit place on the days you are bit bored.

3. Sonoma Plaza


At one of the most sought after areas of California, the Sonoma Plaza is the best when you want to relax over a good conversation with a friend. Don’t need to think twice to experience a chilled out vibe and relaxed ambience that could make you love the life even more.

4. Key West


The most chilled out place you would ever visit. Here you don’t have to think twice before splashing some alcohol on the streets. You gotta do what you got to do, right? But in all senses and decency. One would totally fall in love with the vibe and could not suffice in one time visit. Definitely a must hang out place when in US.

5. Clark County


Clark County is America’s public drinking place also known for strip clubs which people are so gaga about. So if you are looking for some fun im and break from the daily monotony you can head here. This place has a lot to offer than you could probably think of.

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