Blissful meditation Retreats in India

Blissful meditation Retreats in India

Meditation is a great activity which helps you to connect with your inner soul. It helps to develop peace and achieve a state of contentment in mind. This activity, when carried out in a serene environment, will help you to refresh and provide you with more calmness. Given below is the list of places which are a Blissful Meditation Retreat and you must visit to experience the serenity and tranquillity.

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Here is a list for you - Blissful meditation Retreats in India

1. Oash International Meditation Resort Pune

This beautiful resort is full of luxury and comfort where you can experience a healthy living. From the balanced meals to a good routine all that is what Nash is about.

How to reach- To reach Oash International you need to take a flight to Pune or you can go by road from Mumbai. It will be a great journey.

Where to Stay- Oash International is a beautiful resort where you can experience the most lavish stay. You can book a room in advance as its most crowded.

Approximate Cost- The cost for the trip will be expensive as Oash has quite high rates. Even the airfare will be there. So the trip to this place may cost for around Rs 1 lakh.

2. The Art of Living Centre

This Centre is a place to achieve spirituality. You can do meditation in the best environment.

How To Reach- Everyday there are a number of flights to Bangalore which you can take.

Where to Stay- In Bangalore, there are a number of hotels and resort for different prices from which you can choose and stay.

Approximate Cost- The cost of the trip to Bangalore will be around Rs 50000 where you can enjoy and meditate.

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3. Parmath Niketan

Rishikesh is regarded as a religious destination where this beautiful meditation center is present. You can enjoy at this land by visiting a number of temples and meditate.

How to Reach- To reach Rishikesh follow the National Highway which is well constructed.

Where to Stay- Rishikesh has a number of hotels and guest houses where you can stay. These are economical ones.

Approximate Cost- The trip to this place will cost around Rs 30000.

4. Transcendental Meditation

This organization has a number of centres in different parts of the world. This place is not about any religion but about obtaining inner peace.

How to Reach- Delhi is the capital city where you can go by train, car or even air

Where to Stay- Delhi has five stars to economical guest houses where you can have a comfortable stay.

Approximate Cost- The trip to this place will cost around Rs 40000- 50000 depending on your mode of transport.

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5. Auroville

Auroville is a beautiful place to connect with nature and your soul. Beautiful surroundings and calm atmosphere will help you to relax.

How to Reach- Pondicherry can be reached by road as there are well-connected highways. Even air and rail facility is also available.

Where to Stay- Pondicherry has a number of resorts and hotels where you can stay. You can book rooms in advance.

Approximate Cost- The trip to Pondicherry will cost around Rs 80000- 90000 but the trip will be great to meditate.

Thus these are some of the places where you can relax and achieve serenity.

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