Bir Billing Travelogues and travel stories - Adventure

Bir Billing Travelogues and travel stories - Adventure Bir Billing Travelogues and travel stories - Adventure

I love to visit hill stations to explore the opportunities of adventurous activities, considering my hobby I was planning to visit for paragliding at Bir.

Although it was just a weekend trip for me unfortunately it took approximately 2 years of time to execute my Trip to Bir Billing.

I was planning to enjoy this trip with my friend's group but at last only me and one of my best friend could manage to join this trip with me 

Before planning to trip to Bir Billing I was just assuming that Bir Billing is just a normal hill station and famous for Only Aero Adventures, But once is started exploring this destination on the Internet more, I realize that bit billing os much more than just an adventurous Place.

That is the reason we plan the trip not for 1 night but for 3 Nights here at Bis to explore this complete offbeat destination. 

Finally, as per plan, the wait is over and we headed towards the bus stand for a Volvo Travel from Delhi with no other bookings apart from Volvo as we wanted to do it own as we did in our past trips.




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Here is a list for you - Bir Billing Travelogues and travel stories - Adventure

1. Day Trip for Paragliding

We reached to Bir Billing Bus stand around 9 am, and we find yourself covered with so many local tours guides, although we needed a tour guide to assist from now onwards during the trip we took some time to judge a suitable guide for jus under our budget.

Finally, we could finalize or deal with a local guy Dinesh, was a young guy and was liking full of energy, he as a driver cum guide kind of person and he had good links with some finest hotel near to Bir Bazar.

After having breakfast at the hotel we headed towards the take-off point, within 30 minutes we were there, With the help of guide Dinesh we could get a discounts deal for the paragliding costing 1800 each.

It was an unexplainable experience for approx 20 minutes, we were like the birds on the Skye and the areal view from the top was just spectacular.

We decided to have some evening snake from local street food we had Maggie at Maggie Point but the taste was totally different than the usual we get at Delhi,




2. Offbeat Site Seeing Bir Billing

As per the plan we wanted to Explore some offbeat locations of Bir, My tour guide Dinesh was there at my hotel for pick up.

The Plan was decided to go to Tea garden first, the distance was just walkable from my hotel if we take the suitable shortcut but the plan was to visit other places too so we decided to use cap facility. 

Within a few minutes, we reached to The Bir Co-operative Tea Factory Ltd, I have never been in such place earlier, everything was just gree wherever we see was full of nature, the group of local female were busy in picking the tea leaves,

Dinesh made few of them converge to have some snaps with the help of his local identity. we also able to buy some local sample to team pouches as we were not in the mood to make our age heavy backpack heavy  

One can find lots of women working here. The factory also allows tourists to enjoy an educational trip inside their premises and gives them an insight into the tea making process. One can also shop for freshly packed tea leaves and tea bags at these tea gardens.

We spent approx 3 hours here to understand the concept of making the Tea and wanted to spend more time but we moved on for the next location Palpung Sherabling Monastery. as we were very keen to see the architecture of one of the most famous monasteries in India.

After the road trip of an hour, we reached there and spent a good time there with monks, the view of the very large Budha idol nicely located at the centre of the premises.   

Now in evening my stomach indicated to take some food and we had many options buy we finalize for wooden baked pizza 

Glider's Pizzeria had something unique at least for us as we never tried this earlier, the wooden baked pizzas, the passion and love was very clearly shown when we find the Pizza at our table. we paid approx 400 for each and rally we felt that this amount was less for what we get tonight.

This is the most recommended place from my side for the dinner snd to spent some quality time at the evening .









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3. Explore the Tibetan Colony

As this was my last day of the tip and still we were left with many places to cover, one of my office mates also asked to buy some craft items for her from Bir Bazar,

 We started our day with the trip of Bajinath Temple, which is also considered one of the unique Jyotirlinga and returned to Bir Bazar around 2 pm.

As expected and as experienced in the last few trips to Himachal, Bir Bazar is also a similar line of the market with crowded small shops, there was a shop of wooden craft items, I selected an item for a nameplate for her new home and got the delivery within 15 minutes.

 My friend was more intended to spend some more time as he was not able to the items for some special of him.

Finally, we headed towards to Bus stand and paid a trip to our friend cum guide Mr Dinesh.


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