Best Weekend Destinations from Athens

Best Weekend Destinations from Athens

Athens is known as the ‘City of Legends’ and that is not without a reason. The city has been witness to the Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman empires so that there is much curiosity for tourists who come here to discover the place. The city also has an awesome vibe and offers a superb nightlife with its numerous cafes and restaurants. However, for exploring the Greek culture, its authentic cuisines, and unparalleled natural beauty, there are some lesser travelled locations around the city that can provide an awesome experience. Some of the best weekend destinations around Athens are detailed so that visiting them can be a memorable experience. 

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Here is a list for you - Best Weekend Destinations from Athens

1. Saronic Islands

The beautiful Saronic Islands consists of Aegina, Poros, and Hydra. Each of the islands has its own interesting tales and facets. While Aegina is an elegant resort, Poros is more peaceful and calm. The landscape of Poros is dominated with lovely pine trees and the remains of the Poseidon’s Temple here attract a lot of visitors from the mainland. However, Hydra Island seems to be the most picturesque out of the three. 


Here, donkeys are the main forms of transport so that the place can be expected to be quite free of any air pollution. The elegant Hydra harbour has been very well maintained for centuries so that the looks of this harbour can be simply stunning.    

2. Mount Parnitha

It is a natural and wild getaway that is situated only at a distance of about 10 km from the city center. It can be a perfect spot for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. At the base of the mountain, there is the Parnis Palace Hotel that can make a wonderful stay for any tourist to the area. To get a more rustic and lonely experience, a stay at the Mpafi refuge can be a better option. There are many types of hiking trails inside the national park that can be an ideal way of watching nature from the closest quarters and this has to be one of the best weekend destinations around Athens.

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3. Kea

An hour’s ferry ride from the Lavrio port can be enough to reach Kea or Tzia which are wonderful getaways near Athens. They are popular summer destinations for residents of the city. Kea has some breathtaking ancient sites, beaches and hiking trails that are not much visited by tourists. The small Loulida town offers yet another easygoing island environment where hiking can be enjoyed in aplenty. A diving trip over here can also be as enjoyable. 

4. Napflio

It was the initial capital of Greece that is situated in the Argolic Gulf. It has abundant natural beauty along with a pleasing environment. The old town has some amazing neoclassical mansions of the period featuring Venetian balconies, Agios Giorgos church, the Palamidi fortress, Syntagma Square, and the Bourtzi along with the Nafplio ancient Acropolis that make it a stunning destination near the capital. However, spending only a day may not be enough. 

Making a visit to Mycenae is highly desirable here as it was the cradle of the classic Mycenean Civilization. There are elegant remains of ramparts, palaces and the Tomb of Agamemnon over here that must be visited for a breathtaking experience.

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5. Chalkida

It is the capital of Evia and a perfect weekend destination away from the capital. Taking a break at the Evripos Straits can be highly enjoyable to watch the seafront from up and close. A visit to the Archaeological and Folk Art Museum over here can be highly pleasurable. The neoclassical design of Red House with four clay statues on its top can make a wonderful sight. 


The Town Hall is quite famous for its congenial architecture while a visit to the Emir Zade Turkish Mosque and the Roman Aqueduct can be a satisfactory experience. After making all these visits, a visitor can head towards the north of the town to get a refreshing spa treatment at the Loutra Aidipsos spa resort. It has 80 thermal connections for a rejuvenating feeling. 

6. Delphi

Located on the foothills of Mount Parnassos, Delphi has enough importance in Greek mythology. It was a religious and cultural center of the country for many centuries so that one can unravel a lot of ancient places over here. A sojourn of its ancient sanctuary can be quite revealing for any visitor. A walking tour can also be taken here to discover and understand Delphi’s charm. 


These are some of the best weekend destinations from Athens that can be visited by any tourist to get a good understanding of the Greek culture and enjoy a phenomenal holiday.  

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