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Best Vegan Options In London

Best Vegan Options In London Best Vegan Options In London


Vegan is the new lifestyle. And when it come to following trends and lifestyle how can London be left behind. Lifestyle in London is all about trying out what is the best and so you don’t have to think twice before adapting possibly the best lifestyle. Gone are the days when you had to rely on animal products to eat good. Now there are so many great vegan options that you can choose to stay healthy even after binge eating. So to make your struggle easier we have listed out all the great options for vegan food in London so that you know where you need to head out.Here are some of the best places for vegan food in London:

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1. Itadaki Zen Kings Cross


This Japanese restaurant which roughly translates into saving the life, is all about highlighting the medicinal importance of plant and plant based food for a healthier lifestyle. The place offers variety of tasty vegan food that you just can’t resist to fall in love with. Some of their best preparations include vegetable spring roll, marinated seaweed, homemade kimchi and vegetable tempura. For drinks they also have some of the most delicious variety of beers and wine. We totally recommend the Itadaki Zen for some of the best vegan food in London.

2. Club Mexicana At The Spread Eagle


This is the London’s first 100% vegan restaurant that means not only food but also drinks are pure vegan. This is one of the oldest pub and now also stands as one of the most beautiful pubs in London after it was renovated in the year 2018. Some of the finest dessert menu can make your heart melt. When you are here you need to try out lemon and blueberry taco stack, chocolate muffin and deep fried ice cream, yes. You heard it right. You should definitely check this out to try out some of the best vegan food in London.

3. Black Cat Cafe


If you are looking for a place to get some good vegan coffee, nice fulfilling breakfast and getting some work done this is the place for you. Black cat cafe has such a nice decor and cosy ambience perfect to relax and even for a meeting and the erands of daily chores. 

4. Mildreds


Head here for lunch and grab on some basmati rice with spiced chickpea and end with some dark chocolate cake, and all of it vegan. And then you won’t need anything else. We totally recommend Mildreds for some amazing vegan food in London.

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