The Beaver Dam in Alberta, Canada

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The Beaver Dam in Alberta, Canada

1. The Beaver Dam in Alberta

Until not long ago, there was only one answer to the question- What is the only thing in earth that is visible from space? Yes, the reply would have been a loud and clear- The Great Wall of China. But, hang on a second, it is no longer enjoying the title alone. Giving a tough and a one of kind competition to this man made structure is the Beaver Dam in Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta of Canada. You have heard it right; a dam made by the beavers!! Well, though very unique and almost hard to believe, it is a fact and a proof that Nature can any day take on human efforts and enterprise. This amazing creation by the beavers was discovered by researcher Jean Thie in a remote area of northern Alberta. The Beaver dam is a staggering 850 meters (2800 feet) long thereby making it the world's biggest beaver dam. Making lodges and dams by the beavers are not a new phenomena, rather it is a part of their daily chores. These cuddly creatures work on their dams to store their food for the winters and protect themselves against predators like bears, wolves and other beasts. The honour of being the largest beaver dam was earlier attributed to a 652-meter structure in Three Forks in the US state of Montana. And in Canada, the average beaver dam length ranges from 10 to 100 meters. Therefore, going by the local and international statistics, this dam in Northern Alberta is truly gigantic and deserves more exposure to the world. As this dam is nestled and nurtured by the Mother Nature herself, the surroundings across and along it is picturesque. Apparently, seems to be the outcome of a beautiful conspiracy between the natural forces and the cute beavers, the scenic background with lush green vegetation will take any onlooker to the early primitive world. Going by the findings of the experts, this beaver dam is in the process of construction since the mid 1970s. More fascinating is the fact that, it is still growing and if that happens, the day is not far away when the world will flock to North Alberta to witness this marvel of nature. It really seems that those beavers are aiming some sort of landmark that no one from the wildlife has ever achieved! The recent discovery has noticed two more smaller dams coming into being at either side of the main one. And if everything goes right and according to the plan, in a span of 10 years, the world will see a mega dam without any human effort. Beaver Dam in Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta of Canada is a perfect example of the imagination and the artistic application of the unique and queer plans of nature. Here you can see her at work in her own majestic way throwing challenges to human endeavours. So are you feeling like missing out something very interesting and worth visiting? Well, time to pack those bags and fly to Canada. A 'natural value addition' to the already naturally rich land of Canada!

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