Meet the Mowgli of India, An 8 year Girl who survived forest in India.

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Meet the Mowgli of India, An 8 year Girl who survived forest in India.

In the district of Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh, in the month of January, cops rescued an 8 years old from the troop of monkeys. Sub-Inspector Suresh Yadav spotted the girl when he was patrolling in the Motipur range of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. The officers were informed by the local woodcutters earlier so they came and rescued the girl. The girl was very much comfortable with apes and when the cop tried to rescue the girl, the apes as well the girl screeched with him. The apes were so much concerned about her as if it was their own child. The girl was found naked and was crawling. She did not behave like normal humans and was unable to speak. The girl was mentally retarded. After being rescued she was admitted to District Hospital.

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1. Behaviour


At first, when the girl was admitted she showed an unfamiliar kind of behavior. The girl was violent and behaved like animals. To the more, the girl was even scared of human beings. The girl ate like animals. When she was given food the girl used to throw it on the floor and ate directly from the mouth and did not use her hands. Even the girl had marks and wounds on her skin. Talking about the appearance of the girl her nails and hair were unkempt just like monkeys.

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2. Girl as Mowgli

Girl as Mowgli

The girl is basically the female version of Mowgli. Her functions, the way she acts, everything resembles The Jungle Book character which was written by Rudyard Kipling. The girl was not a normal child The girls stayed in the hospital for two months and missing reports of children were searched to know the identity of the girl. At that moment it was even believed that the parents of the girl were aware that she was mentally and physically disabled so they left her in the jungle. Even sources claimed that being a girl child she was not accepted by parents so she was left to stay with animals. There was no clue from how much time was girl staying in the jungle with animals and even there were no ways to find out. But from her appearance and comfort zone, it was believed that she must be staying with them for a long time.

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3. Impact of Jungle

Impact of Jungle

The Doctors believed that the girl was taken care by monkeys from a long time that is why she behaved in such manner.  The girl was very thin and it looked that for days she has stayed hungry. At first when the girl was admitted she use to shout seeing people coming near her and behaved in a very much abrupt manner. Even after being taught to walk she used to walk on four limbs.Then doctors were given this task of transformation of the girl's behavior from the animal one to a human life behavior. After regular treatments and effort by Doctors, with time the girl is recovering and now she walks like humans. Now the girl explains her verdict through her gestures as she is unable to speak and to the more now she understands everything. Even the girl smiles at doctors and has started behaving in a normal manner.


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