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Wildlife Safari Destinations in the World

Are you looking for some adventurous safari destinations in the world? Here are some suggestions for you.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Located in Uganda, Bwindi is the home to about half of the world’s population of Gorillas. Bwindi will offer you an opportunity of safe tracking. You can get the chance to see other wildebeests like zebras, lions, elephants, leopards and baboons and can feel the charm of jungle life.

Located in the Indian part of Himalaya, Ladakh is a beautiful creation of nature. Besides its harsh weather and sturdy location, Ladakh has a beautiful landscape. Its wildlife is more distinct because of Snow leopards. Other than this there are some other wild animals like Argali, golden hawk, brown beers and blue sheep which are equally rare.

Jaguars in Brazil

For a wonderful ecotourism you must visit Pantanal, a tropical wetland in Western part of Brazil. You will get number of eco-friendly lodges for your luxurious stay. Wonderful jaguar and different endangered species like capybaras, alligators, macaws and anacondas can be seen during your safari tour.

Kruger is a well maintained park of South Africa, fit for your self-drive safari tour. It has got the best variety of wildlife in Africa. Here, you will get hippos, cheetah, and crocodile including the Big Five.

Located in Zambia, an African country Luangwa is the home to about 400 species of birds. More than 60 species of animals are available here. But hippos are huge in number. You can spot prides of 30 lions walking at certain point of time. Here you can experience an adventurous walking safari.

Etosha National Park is a prominent wildlife destination of Africa. It is the home to many endangered species of animals like the tallest elephant of Africa, endangered black rhino and 91 other species of mammal. If you are lucky, you can see ample numbers of giraffe, rhino, and lion and by chance you can spot cheetah and leopard as well. You can enjoy a self-drive safari here.



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