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8 Amazing facts about Jagannath Puri Temple, Odisha

26 Nov 2022 03:53 PM
8  Amazing facts about Jagannath Puri Temple, Odisha

The Jagannath Puri temple located in the state of Odisha, India is one of the most important temples of the Hindus that make up most of the nation’s population. It is of utmost importance to the Hindu devotees as it is one of the Char-Dham pilgrimages.  The historical relevance and architecture marvel, the temple supposedly believed to have mind-blowing mystical powers. The Jagannath Puri temple has several amazing qualities that make it an interesting place to visit apart from the religious affection that people have about the temple itself. Also, the state of Odisha is one of those states that attract millions of visitors every year for its religious affiliation with several beliefs and also a great place for food lovers.


The historic temple of Jagannath Puri was constructed almost an entire millennia ago back in the year 1078. This makes the architectural feat achieved by the people in the past something of a legend around the world. Not just that, the temple is also famous for its grand Rath Yatra, which is witnessed by millions as the three colossal chariots carry the deities. The English word Juggernaut shares its origin from this annual parade. To become the spectator of some most astonishing scientific miracles of the Jagannath Puri temple, here you should know some most amazing facts about the Jagannath Puri temple. 

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1. -The flag on the top of temple blows in the direction opposite to the flow of wind

-The flag on the top of temple blows in the direction opposite to the flow of wind

One of the most amazing facts about Jagannath Puri temple is a scientific mystery that cannot be explained using basic science and hence makes people often wonder about the possibility of a mystical force. The mystery is that the waving of the flag normally occurs in direction of the wind, however, for some reason, the case is opposite for the flag over the temple.

2. -The mysterious Simhadwaram

-The mysterious Simhadwaram

It is a saying and is often observed by the people that while going inside the Jagannath Puri temple, you can hear the sound of the waves crashing on the beach near the temple. However, past a certain point, you cannot hear this same sound while returning back to the very point that you exit the temple.

3. -The mysterious quantity of Prasadam produced and consumed

-The mysterious quantity of Prasadam produced and consumed

It is quite an unreligious thing to waste food in all the religions around the world. The Jagannath Puri temple takes care of this practice in a mystical way altogether. No food is wasted in the kitchen of the temple irrespective of more or less the crowd while feeding each and every individual although the quantity of the prasadam cooked remains the same throughout.

4. -Not flight takes place over the temple

-Not flight takes place over the temple

Not only do airplanes not fly over the Jagannath Puri temple, but also birds have not been observed taking a flight over the temple. This unnatural cause cannot be explained by science.

5. -The sea breeze and the land breeze

-The sea breeze and the land breeze

Around the world, it can be seen by the scientific phenomenon that during the daytime a sea breeze flows from the sea to the land and vice versa for the night. But near the Jagannath Puri temple on the beach, it is just the opposite, meaning, a breeze flows from the land to sea in the day and the vice versa at night time.

6. -The mystery of the Sudarshan Chakra on the top of the temple

-The mystery of the Sudarshan Chakra on the top of the temple

The mystery of Sudarshan Chakra on the top of Jagannath Puri temple, It is observed that although being a flat chakra it appears to be facing you no matter which direction you stare the chakra from.

7. -No shadow

-No shadow

The Jagannath Puri temple is constructed in a way that you will never be able to see the shadow of the main dome irrespective of the time of the day.

8. -The reverse Cooking:

-The reverse Cooking:

In the kitchen of the Jagannath Puri temple, the Mahaprasadam is cooked in 7 sacred pots placed atop of each other. Surprisingly, the food in the top most pot cooks first and then in the 6 pot and so on. This denies the natural science of cooking. There is no denying the fact that India is a place of wonders but, Jagganath Puri temple is nothing short than a miracle. This is the very reason people worship the lord here with the purest of the feelings and thus their wishes are granted by the almighty.

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