A perfect Journey plan to Shirdi

A perfect Journey plan to Shirdi

Shirdi is a beautiful place which is known for the late 19th Century Saint Sai Baba. Shirdi has a beautiful temple of Sai Baba which you can visit.  It is a peaceful destination where you can go for a weekend gateway. Other than this the journey to this beautiful religious place is amazing. So you must travel Shirdi to have the wonderful experience.

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Here is a list for you - A perfect Journey plan to Shirdi

1. Shirdi

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To begin with, you can certainly land up at Mumbai airport and from there you can book a cab for Shirdi. From Mumbai, Shirdi is 241 km. Even a very famous Shani Shingnapur is also nearby which you can visit on the same day as it is only 70 km from Shirdi. It’s good to begin your trip early in the morning so that you can stay away from the evening rush in the temple. The journey towards the destination is very smooth. The roads are good, though in between the journey, many places roads are one lane and also you will come across one or two small towns. There is not much to see or enjoy except for one or two beautiful landscapes. However, the thing that catches attention is the ious roadside Dhabas named such as New Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir that gives the clear picture of Unity and Diversity in our country.

2. Shirdi

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On reaching the premise you need to submit your electronics gadgets, your shoes, slippers to the allotted counters at a nominal fee. You are required to submit your photo id as well. For those who don’t have the facility of VIP Passes, they can get the free passes from the counter. Each and every person has to get the pass by themselves as they take your retinal scan or click your photo then make the pass. A certain no of people can only go in the assured time period for “Darshan”. One should check from which gate number is your entry as mentioned in the pass.

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3. Shirdi

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It can take two to three hours for the “Darshan” of Sai Baba. Being stuck in the queue will be a difficult job.Finally, after waiting for a long time, you will enter the main temple hall to see the Sai Baba. Seeing will be a quicker task than waiting for it. Even a security personnel will be there to ensure smooth functioning. Sai Baba statue is placed in the middle and one can do the “Darshan” from the front or through the sideways. The priests will help you out in placing the flowers, garlands or sheets.

A small “Pratishtha” of Sai Baba is present outside the main place along with the Sai Shrine.

While exiting, keep in mind from which main entrance gate you entered first, otherwise, chances are you will have to wander around unnecessary to get that idle gate.

So after that, you will be tired as you are traveling since morning. Thus now you can look up for food and eat. You can relax and then travel to Shani Shingnapur which is another religious place.

Shirdi is a great place to pray and obtain peace. You can even stay at this place by opting for a nearby hotel and relax in the tranquil aura of Sai.

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