5 Best Ways to Bargain in Kasualis Tibetan Market

5 Best Ways to Bargain in Kasualis Tibetan Market

Often called the little Tibet in Kasauli, the Tibetan Market has grown in name and fame over the years. When in Kasauli, this place is a must visit for stylish and cut-rate products. This is also a great place to devour mouth-watering Tibetan delicacies like dim sums, thukpas and chowmein. But no shopping experience is complete without trying one’s hand at bargaining. If you are a bargaining-freak, here are 5 best ways to bargain in Kasauli’s Tibetan market.

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Here is a list for you - 5 Best Ways to Bargain in Kasualis Tibetan Market

1. Doing it the Expected Way

Doing it the Expected Way

The real pleasure of shopping in India is found in observing and learning how to bargain. Savvy sellers are good at reading their customer’s face and tailoring the prices accordingly. Shopping takes longer than it should, when both the buyer and seller try to meet half way through the deal. Make sure that you have the ‘please bhaiya kuch kam kr do’ or ‘please, please, please, please...’ skills while shopping at Tibetan markets.

2. Browse A Little

Browse A Little

If you like an item at the very first shop you have stepped in, don’t rush into buying it rightaway. Get a good idea of how much an item usually cost by browsing various other shops. Once you have a rough estimate of the actually value of an item, you will be in a better position to bargain.

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3. Shop Early or Shop Late

Shop Early or Shop Late

Shopkeepers generally consider the first sale of the day, Boni, to be very lucky. This is also a great time for the buyer to shop at bargained price. If not in the morning, you can trying bargaining towards early evening as sellers are eager to happily end their day with the last-minute bargained sale!

4. Cracking a Deal

Cracking a Deal

Whether you are trying to play-it-cool or showing too much interest, the shopkeeper actually knows which item you will like, even before you do! A seller always know when you are trying to bargain. So, instead of wasting time in asking to see several items, come straight to the item you wish to buy. If he asks, “how much do you wish to pay?”, open the deal with 1/2 or 1/3 of the offered price. But make sure that you don’t humiliate the shopkeeper by offering too little!

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5. The Last Trick

The Last Trick

If the shopkeeper is too adamant about the price, simply thank him and walk out of the shop. Whether you are in Kasauli or anywhere else, this trick usually works well. 8 out of 10 times, he will call you back! It is also very common for the nearby competing sellers to hear the negotiations and agree on the deal without any further conversation with you. So, if you are not satisfied with one seller, there will several other waiting to crack the same deal with you!

While some people are truly bad at bargaining, others are born with the innate skills. No matter which category you fall in, bargaining is always a fun experience! 

This 17th century town was quite unknown till the time warmongers discovered it. Ever since, this beautiful small town has become a loved tourist spot. It still offers the authentic charm with British roads and structures. Kasauli is surely a perfect place to visit this summers, for a peaceful time out!

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