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10 Tribes Who Are About To Go Extinct

With the increased globalization, the world has become more interconnected. Due to the increased regional integration, several indigenous tribal groups around the world are on the verge of extinction.

Andamanese, India

The native tribal group has been living on Andaman Island for thousands of years in isolation. The tribe is known for its unique physical stature, culture and occupation. Members of the tribe wear typical tribal dresses made of leaves and branches. Their main occupation is hunting, vegetable cultivation and poultry farming. However, the tribe is on the verge of extinction due diseases, loss of territory, drinking habits and violence.

Nenets, Russia

Nenets are one of the largest tribal groups of Northern Siberia. They lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle and stay with reindeer. Nenets are mainly engaged in reindeer breeding and herding. Reindeer meat, freshly slaughtered reindeer blood and fish form an important part of their diet. However, the group is now threatened by resource extraction, climate change and poor healthcare.

Rabari, India

This tribal group is found primarily in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab. These nomadic people live under the open skies or in small tents and huts. They are engaged in raising cattle, goats and camels. Rabari women are known for their embroidery skills. They craft beautifully embroidered shawls, quilts, bags, skirts, blouses and veils.

Kalash, Pakistan

The small tribal community lives in the snow-capped Hindu Kush Mountain. Members of this ethnic group have distinctive features, pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. The ancient tribe is known for its unique culture, traditions, rituals and festivals. Unfortunately, the group is facing threats from militants and Islamic extremists.

Batak, Philippines

The ancient tribal group lives in the deep forests of northern Palawan. The Bataks are usually small in stature, dark skinned and short haired. They are primarily engaged in hunting, natural product gathering, fishing and cultivation. However, the population is slowly depleting due to government ban on deforestation and conservation schemes.

Maori, New Zealand

The tribe is known for its rich culture, unique mythology, distinctive crafts and performing arts, Kapa haka. Visitors can experience dynamic Maori culture and tradition through organized tours.

El Molo, Kenya

It is the smallest tribal community located in north eastern part of Kenya. The tribe depends on Lake Turkana for livelihood. The tribe survives on fishing and crocodile hunting.

Dukha, Mongolia

Dukha is a small community of reindeer herders located in Hovsgol Province. The nomadic hunter-gatherers depend on reindeer for meat, milk, cheese, hide and transportation. The tribal group is extremely friendly towards tourists.

Goroka, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

This native tribal group resides in small villages of Papua New Guinea. They live like tight-knit families. They often take part in Goroka Show where tourist can experience rare tribal rituals, dance, music and showing-off.

Piraha, Brazil

The small group of hunter-gatherers lives along the banks of Maici River. They speak Piraha language, which lacks colors and numbers. They believe in sharing everything with everyone.

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