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Unveiling the intriguing tribes of Egypt

Egypt the land of the Pharaohs and Pyramids is also the land of some of the ancient thriving tribes in the world. Take our words this land infuses a travel fever in a traveller especially when get you see those trailing caravans of the tribesmen navigating through the vast dunes of the desert. These tribesmen are nomads and travel with their belongings throughout the year. They are a real craze among the travellers who also get a chance to be part of this land of tribes-Egypt.


This word is very much literary as it finds mention in many creations in various language. Bedouins are generally divided under a few sub-tribes like- Alagat, Hamada and Gebelieh. Whereas the Alagat folks roam around through the deserts, constantly searching for fresh grazing fields for their camels and goats and water for their families; the Hamada people are basically miners who generally stay in one place. However, the one thing that is common to all the Bedouins is their unparalleled knowledge of the desert. Planning to be a guest in a Bedouin society? Just go for it. These people are very good host and guests are welcomed to a tent for three days and three nights.


The Nubians are the people who inhabited in Nubia that is located in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Nubia was a land of great natural wealth- gold mines, ebony, ivory were in plenty. Subsequently the ancient Nubian people were famous for their vast wealth and their trade was spread in central Africa and the lower Nile valley civilizations, including Egypt. The Nubians tribe saw a few drastic changes in their lives post the fall of the last Nubian kingdom in 1900. But till today what distinguishes them in their cultural legacy that is manifested in their ethnic dressing, music, dances and traditions.


Well, if you are inclined towards the art of dancing,, this tribe will interest you as it is a prominent dancing community in the land of tribles - Egypt. The Ghawazee dancers wandered from city to city, attending fairs and going to troupe camps in addition to performing in harems, marriages and at births. Their craft was at the zenith during the 1700s and it saw a brutal banishment in 1834 when the religious bigots opposed them. However, the Ghawazee music has been resorted in recent times and you can relish the beats and imagine how graceful a dance form it would used to be! The cultural and heritage tour of any country leaves us with lot to chew upon and wonder at. And if that country happens to be Egypt - the intriguing land of tribes, the charm is doubled is almost irresistible.

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