10 Best Countries To Visit In July In 2019

10 Best Countries To Visit In July In 2019

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Here is a list for you - 10 Best Countries To Visit In July In 2019

1. Indonesia


Indonesia experiences no rainfall and remains dry throughout July. The days are sunny and bright, and the skies stay clear throughout the month. There can be short showers seen in the month and is commonly seen in the rainforest of Kalimantan and jungles of Sumatra. The temperatures mostly stay at 27 degrees across Bali and Nusa Tenggara islands. July is the best time to visit Indonesia, and a wave of tourists is seen in this country during this time of the year.

2. South Korea


South Korea experiences summer in July. However, in spite of summer, South Korea experience torrential monsoon showers. The country's maximum amount of rainfall is seen during July and August. The weather is humid, and the temperature stays between 20 degrees to 27 degrees. In spite of the weather, South Korea is an ideal destination for tourists during this time.

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3. Taiwan


Taiwan experiences the hottest weather in July along with heavy rainfall. The temperatures in regions of Taipei raises to 30 degrees, but tourists seem to enjoy the time and relish the rain at this time of the year. The tourists visit South Korea due to the marvelous sight of the surroundings during this month. Taiwan becomes ideal for surfers especially in the regions of Baishawan and Jin Shan.

4. Canada


The sunny delights of Canada are so pleasant in July that all forget the chilly winters during this month. The natural beauty and beautiful appearance of Canada during this month attract a lot of, and this is the perfect time of the year for Canada tourism. The people here are lively as the weather during this month. The dazzling blue lakes, mountain peaks, and fantastic forest views relish the eye of every visitor of the country. Niagara Falls tops the list of tourist attraction destinations in Canada. The best time of the year to visit Canada in July and people feel lucky when they can visit Canada during this time of the year.

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5. France


France stays dry during July, and this is the time when tourists from all over the world can be seen visiting France. There are a lot of tourist attraction places throughout France like the Eiffel Tower, coastlines, valleys, cheese, and castles that highlights the beauty and can be perfectly enjoyed by the tourists during this time of the year. 14th July is the 'Bastille Day, the independence day of France and tourists visit the place to enjoy the fireworks, parades and the celebration held across France.

6. Greece


July is mostly sunny in Greece with a nullified percentage of rainfall. July is the perfect time to visit Greece as most of Europe remains expensive at this time but the cost of living and touring at Greece significantly decreases compared to other regions. Greece has a scenic beauty of oceans, architecture, and delicious cuisines that makes it a perfect destination for summer in July. The tourists can trek on Mount Olympus, explore the history of Greek mythology, visit the historic island of Crete, and walk through the age-old city of Athens without any breaks and disruptions caused due to unpleasant weather conditions.

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7. Mexico


Mexico experiences the warmest weather in July. The temperatures can rise around 28 degrees this month. This is, however, tolerable by most of the tourists from Asian countries. One can explore the jungles, wildlife, ruins of Mayan, and the nightclubs of Cancun that becomes lively during this month. There are a lot of things that Mexico offers to all the tourists at this time of the year.

8. Germany


July is the time to visit Germany. The beer in Germany is what makes people attracted towards it especially in this month where there is no fear of harsh and unpleasant climate. People can spend their time here in Germany in the most extravagant way in July as the weather remains pleasant. People can enjoy rich forests, castles, and sights that can create perfect memories in their minds for the rest of their lives. The artistry of Berlin speaks a million words only on a glimpse. In July, a lot of international and domestic festivals are conducted throughout Germany that people look forward to while visiting the country.

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9. Iceland


Iceland remains to warn in July. Iceland has the scenic beauty of the herds of sheep, spellbinding sceneries, the magnificent northern lights, and majestic volcanoes. All tourists and travelers tend to fall in love with Iceland if they step in the country in July when the skies remain clear and the days are warm and pleasant.

10. Colombia



In Colombia, July is considered substantial in July with its beautiful countryside, cultural highlights, beaches, and jungles. It is a perfectly safe destination for the tourist without any drug violence, and July is the time when the weather is the most pleasant at Colombia. Tourists can enjoy skyscrapers towers, Bogota's unique architecture, museums, and intricate churches. The impression in the mind of the tourist lasts as memories when they visit San Agustín, Tierradentro, and the Lost City sites.

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