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Beautiful Cathedrals across the World

"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever" this truly proves the magnificence of the Cathedrals what we are about to describe. Hardly one can believe that these Cathedrals are actually ensconced with Chapels and are the majestic residences of Bishops. Apart from this these Cathedrals are some of the best architectures brought to life.
St. Basil's Cathedral: Moscow - Russia

This is a very colorful and charming structure which attracts tourists from far and wide. This Cathedral is made up of 9 individual chapels and is decorated by an onion dome at its top. St Basil is said to have an enchanting look on its exterior with delicate floral paintings but the interior of this cathedral is less impressive. But one really needs to visit this place atleast once in a life time.
Sagrada Familia: Barcelona - Spain

The Cathedral of Sagrada Familia is designed by famous architect Antonio Gaudi and this Cathedral marks its presence in Barcelona, Spain. Work on this Cathedral started in 1882 and Antonio Gaudi is said to have worked on this project for 40 years. The Sagrada Familia consists of 18 huge towers, 12 apostles a statue of virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.
Notre Dame: Paris - France

This Notre Dame Cathedral would truly carry off your feet as this is one of the most visited cathedrals in the world. This Cathedral is also famous basically for its hunchback and it is considered to be the the finest example of French Gothic architecture.
Hagia Sophia: Istanbul - Turkey

The Hagia Sophia was previously a patriarchal Basilica, a mosque but now converted into a museum for visitors. Hagia Sophia is said the greatest architectural miracle. This Cathedral was constructed in the era 532 BC and 537 BC. Th is cathedral houses the relics of the Byzantine empire for almost 1000 years. Truly, these Cathedrals seem to be human miracles standing with their feet grounded boasting of their uniqueness keeping humanity startled.

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