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Sustainable Tourism at the Aberdare National Park, Kenya

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PlaceSustainable Tourism at the Aberdare National Park, Kenya
Area Kenya
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About Sustainable Tourism at the Aberdare National Park, Kenya
With a quite diverse topography, the Aberdare National Park is situated at the remoteness of about 180kms from the capital Nairobi in Kenya. Organized in May 1950, it encloses an overall area of about 767 sq. km forming part of the Aberdare Mountain Range and has altitudes that vary between 1829M to 4001M beyond the sea level. As a result, you get to see deep gaps bisected by rivers and streams, as well as grasslands, bamboo forest, etc. are also easily observed while you go down to the lower levels. Major attractions of the park to be easily observed by you predominantly consist of the Black Rhino, skyes monkey, baboon, and so on. However, the rarer sightings to be caught by your eyes contain lions, the bongo and the golden cat putting on show best of animal show before your eyes. The Park is a very promising place equipped with several accommodation options that vary between Treetops tree-house lodge or the Ark. While staying it would be easy for you take pleasures in picnics, trout fishing, nighttime wildlife viewing and camping that can be easily performed in the moorlands. Besides, if bird viewing is one of your hobbies, then leave everything to spend a day with exotic world of over 250 species of bird, encompassing the sparry hawk, Jackson's Francolin, eagles, plovers, etc. The formation of the park is really an encouraging step in itself, but the Rhino Art Trust that believes in the philosophy of Humans In Harmony With Habitat And Wildlife has contributed a lot in supporting conservation in Kenya. So, come here join hands in taking this initiative to another level as we all know that nature and mankind cannot be imagined without each other.
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