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River rafting in Manali

Photo by: himalayanyeti
4 ★
AreaHimachal Pradesh, India
Plan before:1 days
Ranking#2 of things to do in Manali
Prices starting: 2506/night
WeatherSummer 4°C to 26°C, Winter 5°C to -15°C
TypeAdventure, Honeymoon, Water Sport
Ideal time1-2 hour
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River rafting in Manali Overview
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Popular amongst travelers from new delhi, mumbai, hyderabad, manali, bengaluru

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About River rafting in Manali

The thrill which river rafting offers in Manali is nowhere to be found in India. It is one of the best places to be considered for river rafting purpose. For river rafting, June is the ideal time.

The Beas river which is situated in Manali is best for this river rafting experience. The beginners can experience their first rafting expedition in grade 2 near Raison and Babeli. The length of the river in total is about 3 km, which should be comfortable for any learners or beginners. For adventurists and experienced people, can try grade 3 and grade 4 levels where the river length is about 7km in total. This can be found near Pirdi region.

The river rafting in Manali offers nerve-wrenching experience. The grade 2 has only harsh waters and small length. Grade 3 will invite you with foaming waters where you can meet sudden drops. The main aim in river rafting is to lead forward with no tumbling. Teamwork is necessary for river rafting. In grade 4 level, the size of the waves is totally unexpected. You may even encounter rocks on the way. So if you are planning to enter Grade 4 level- do it at your own risk! This grade is suited for only professional personnel.

Reviews for River rafting in Manali (250)
Arpit Lawaniya
from Agra, India
4 ★
from Bengaluru, India
3 ★
Awesome place. Just love this place.We visited Hidimbe temple, Gulabi and mall rod that's it driver was very lazy to take us all the places.He didn't cover all the places and we missed so many adventure games like river rafting, Paragliding.
Shafeek khan
from New Delhi, India
1 ★
Sunil tripathi
from Mumbai, india
5 ★
Amazing experience.
Suyash Srivastava
from New Delhi, India
1 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. My overall experience in River rafting in Manali was Poor
from Delhi, India
4 ★
Visit snow point only if you are able to trek
from Delhi, India
4 ★
Nice trip
Sandeep Kumar
from Delhi, India
4 ★
from Delhi, India
5 ★
My overall experience in River rafting in Manali was Excellent. There is no entrance fee.
from Bangalore, India
2 ★
Washroom facility is not so good. My overall experience in River rafting in Manali was Average
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