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Mandore Garden Trip Packages
Mandore Garden Trip Packages
Mandore Garden Trip Packages

Mandore Garden

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About Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden is a lovely vacationer spot in Jodhpur that is 9 kms a ways far from the principle city. The Mandore garden is the collection of memorials and temples of the Marwar dynasty. The predominant appeal of Mandore gardens is the Royal cenotaphs or Chhatris. The architectural fashion concerned in temples and memorial are very appealing and royal looking.
The Royal Cenotaphs of Marwar Kings which might be product of whole Red stone. These cenotaphs are the major enchantment of Mandore Gardens.

Each cenotaph is precise and completely distinctive from one other. The architectural style in those cenotaphs will remind us the respect of Rajasthani architects. Many locations and things in Jodhpur entertain human beings with its lifestyle, culture, and royalty. In one word Jodhpur is a background web page which increases the dignity and history of Rajasthan. Among the unique attractions, Mandore Garden is one of the fine visitor spots in Jodhpur.

Hall of Heroes is some other famous spot in Mandore lawn. This prevent explains the greatness and the records of folk warring parties of Rajputs. The walls of the hall are completely packed with lovely art work and rock statues of Rajput heroes. Statues of heroes, colorful paintings are crafted on a large rock and this Hall of Heroes is the depiction of locality heroes like Chamunda and Pabuji. An exciting factor of Hall of Heroes is sixteen figures are carved out from a single rock.

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