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Achal Nath Temple

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About Achal Nath Temple

Achal Nath Shivalaya is a famous temple in Jodhpur that has been dedicated to Lord Shiva. The template is a place of religious eminence. It is an epitome of the tradition, heritage and the age old non secular practises which have been achieved by way of the people of the area. The temple is a powerhouse of notable architectural grandeur and reveals the architectural developments observed in the cutting-edge times in the north western components of India. This shrine is a celebration of the grandeur of Hindu religion.

The construction of it can be traced back to the sixteenth century. The temple is a famous vacationer appeal and people from everywhere in the US. Come all the way down to go to it both for its non secular and heritage shape. The temple is likewise a popular point for Lord Shiva devotees. This template become constructed within the year 1531 by way of Nanak Devi. She was the queen and wife of Rao Ganga. The temple become committed to Lord Shiva and was built to practise the worship of the popular Hindu deity. There are eminent water reservoirs within the temple that are intended for storing drinking water.

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