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Zurich Carnival 2017

Event Name : Zurich Carnival 2017
Venue : Zurich
Start Date : Friday, 03-Mar-2017
End Date : Sunday, 05-Mar-2017

Zurich Carnival 2017

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland is the proud host of the annual event that has somewhat become the hallmark of the local community- the Zurich Carnival. It is the time in Zurich when the festivity is in the air with all its bloom and burst.

The carnival celebrations culminate in a spectacular and colorful street show for everyone who loves glitter, bizarre costumes and lively music. On Sunday afternoon, a grand parade marches on with dissonant guggen music sprinkling the drops of joy and celebrations all over the street painting the town red. Be at the Zurich city centre for a great time witnessing the carnival-goers dress up, don masks and jump on floats with their ridiculous costumes and antics.

Things can't get better as the carnival ambiance takes over with traditional folklore events, carnival concerts, a jazz matinee and steel band performances rocking the spectators. In addition to all these, a Guggen Monster Concert is also in the pipeline which takes place in a tent pitched in the Munsterhof square.

With so much joyous activities around, this carnival can prove to be the just the right time to land in this beautiful nation.

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