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Sani Naro-Nasjal 2108

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Event Name : Sani Naro-Nasjal 2108
Venue : Ladakh
Start Date : Thursday, 26-Jul-2018
End Date : Friday, 27-Jul-2018

 The Celebration of Sani Naro-Nasjal, is held at the Sani or Sanee Monastery in Zanskar, Jammu and Kashmir, more often than not, in the principal seven day stretch of August. The celebration happens amid the blossoming of the Guru Neropa Flower, at some point between the fifteenth and the twentieth of the 6th Tibetan month. Consistently the statue of Naropa is disclosed on the eve of the celebration. Lamas from the Bardan religious community perform conceal moves as custom contributions previously the symbol.

The Sani or Sanee Monastery is situated by the town of Sani where the Stod Valley widens into the focal plain of Zanskar. Cloister has a place with the Drukpa Kargyu School of Tibetan Buddhism, and is the just a single of this request in Zanskar which has nuns. It is believed to be the most established religious site in all of Ladakh and Zanskar.

Now and again, the priests bubble up goats' heads for holding tight houses. These bubbled heads of goats are hung outside relatively every house in Leh and are thought to bring favorable luck. Curiously, these images of flourishing and favorable luck are changed yearly.

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