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Phi Ta Khon 2019

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Event Name : Phi Ta Khon 2019
Venue : Thailand
Start Date : Sunday, 16-Jun-2019
End Date : Tuesday, 18-Jun-2019

The Phi Ta Khon celebration is the biggest appreciation for the generally sluggish cultivating town of Dan Sai, settled in the mountains of Loei territory of northeastern Thailand. The occasion is impossible to miss to Dan Sai, yet combines components of other Isaan celebrations, for example, the rocket celebrations to bring precipitation. Despite the fact that binding the dates of Phi Ta Khon was at one time an issue, with the town senior citizens just naming the dates half a month heretofore, the celebration is currently settled at the principal end of the week after the 6th full moon. The headliner happens on Friday, when there is a stupendous parade of men and young men and nowadays, young ladies in their brilliant covers and ensembles.

The covers comprise of an extensive head piece produced using the woven cone used to steam sticky rice. The face is cut from wood or banana trunks. The garments was generally sewn from clothes of old material, yet these days is normally a sort of jumpsuit fixed from a few brilliant textures. A portion of the conceal men will convey a cut wooden hatchet with a handle cut to resemble a phallus, or now and then only a major wooden phallic appeal called a Bhalad Khik. The parade goes before looking into remains on the principle road, and closures at Wat Phon Chai

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