Volunteer at Thailand's Elephant Nature Park and make a difference

Volunteer at Thailand's Elephant Nature Park and make a difference

  The Elephant Nature Park ENP is a gem of a place for everyone who likes nature. It is not only a haven for elephants, but also a place that teaches humanity to human beings. If you have always been fascinated by elephants and their adorable looks, this is the chance for you to get involved and experience the wonderment of loving nature

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Here is a list for you - Volunteer at Thailand's Elephant Nature Park and make a difference

1. What is ENP?


It is a place that was founded by Lek Chailert, who is working to stop abuse of Asian elephants. Asian elephants are regularly abused for the benefits of tourism, and are put in a lot of pressure. Here at ENP they try to change this position and make elephants comfortable through love and care. 

As tourists you can do your bit by volunteering at the elephant sanctuary and actually experiencing intimacy with nature and elephants. 

2. How are elephants exploited?


In Thailand elephants are sources for good money that thrives on tourism. At least ten million tourists ride elephants here in Thailand every year. There is even an annual elephant festival each year that actually involves pageantry. 

In an attempt to provide such an experience for guests, these elephants are kept in horrible conditions and tortured. These baby elephants are made to submit to the trainer and are abused in order to be tamed. 

The aim of ENP is to educate and make elephant owners and tourists aware of the ground realities.

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3. What is it like to volunteer?


Ever since ENP first made tourism headlines, travellers are curious to know what is it like to volunteer here? If you are one such person, we have news for you. 

The experience here at ENP is first and foremost a unique one. Then to top it all, it is really rich and educating. You will get to learn quite a bit about elephants and the struggle that the good folks do here in helping them. There can be nothing quite a lovely as being free in the wild with these lovely creatures. 

You could get all this experience here at ENP for less than $400 per week for one person. Guests will be provided with suitable accommodation, vegan buffets thrice a day, and of course an experience that will definitely enrich your lives. 

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